How to transfer WordPress sites to a new hosting or another domain

The most common reason why WP users pay inappropriate or overpriced hosting plans for years is that they don’t know how to transfer their websites. The transfer of complex editorial systems from thousands of files and databases seems to be too complicated. In this post, you will learn how easy it is to transfer your entire WordPress site to a new hosting or domain.

The advantage of WordPress is that there are suitable plugins for practically everything you want to “teach” this CMS. Thousands of new features can be added with these extensions and, with a few exceptions, they are even free, like the following plugin.

All-in-One WP Migration – easy web transfer in a few clicks

For a running WordPress site, you primarily need a new, empty hosting to which you can move everything.

The first step is to install WordPress on the new hosting. If the editorial system has not already been set up automatically, you can use our 1-click installation from the ACTIVE 24 customer center.

With your original WP dashboard, now install the free all-in-one WP Migration plugin. After successful installation and activation, it appears in a separate tab in the left navigation bar. Hover over it, select “export” and click “File”, this will create a backup of your web data and save everything in one file.

You can choose to leave everything current and create a full 1:1 backup, or export the pages without revising articles, comments, etc. Definitely won’t hurt if you skip the advanced settings.

TIP: Stuck with the plugin installation? The instructions for installing plugins for WordPress can help.

Nastavení pluginů

After the export has started, the plugin backs up all files, settings, articles, databases, themes and other plugins of your WordPress installation. The duration may vary depending on the size of your web pages. Allow about 10 minutes, after which a full backup of your web pages will be downloaded to your PC in one file. In our case, the backup was 496 MB because of pictures. The advantage of this migration option is that you do not have to manually access the WP database and do not have to move files between FTPs.

The last step is to upload the received data backup to the new hosting. Open your fresh install of WordPress and install that here too All in one WP migration plugin. Now instead of “Export”, choose “import”, click on “File” and select your data backup from the last step. Uploading starts automatically. It only remains to be seen and before long you will have your old WordPress sites safely on the new hosting.


TIP:You can keep the downloaded file as a backup or delete it after successful transfer.

Manual WordPress site transfer to new hosting

Of course, advanced users can also transfer their websites manually. To do this, they must back up the current WP database and the WP content themselves. Compared to the previous guide, manual transfer is more complicated and may take much longer. For a successful transfer, we recommend you to follow the detailed instructions on the official WordPress site.

Manual transmission if the URL address does not need to be changed

If you just want to transfer your websites to a new hosting and don’t need to change the URL address, the transfer is easy.

  • If the database name and URL remain the same, it is enough to transfer the web files and then import the database to the new hosting.
  • If the database or username changes, transfer the web files and database, and then change the entries in the wp-config.php configuration file.
  • When transferring to a new domain, it is necessary to change the URL address beforehand via the dashboard on the original hosting.