How to successfully recruit IT specialists

How to successfully recruit IT specialists

“Anyone who recruits new IT specialists should rely on a mix of different recruiting methods. The most important prerequisite, however, is to prepare carefully for the recruiting project and to carry out strategic planning before you start the approach,” recommends recruiting expert Katharina Pratesi, founding partner of Brandmonks.

Recently, she and her team set up a new IT team at MCE Bank within 3 months, using various recruiting methods and tools. Here she reveals what companies should urgently pay attention to when recruiting IT specialists and where external support and AI tools (e.g. can help.

1. Deal intensively with the target group

Before you place ads on the big job portals, analyze the target group very carefully. What are their specific needs, what professional development opportunities are really attractive to them and could motivate them to change jobs. Use these insights in the ads in a targeted manner so that they clearly stand out from those of other companies.

2. Involve well-known IT influencers

Because they can personally get in touch with IT candidates and present your company. This can also lead to an exchange of experts between the influencer and possible IT talents, which at the same time and subtly brings your company into the conversation and arouses the interest of the candidates. Special IT recruiting companies can help you to identify the right IT influencers. This saves time and guarantees you that the influencers used really reach the desired target group.

3. Reach out to IT professionals at their touchpoints

These are certain IT forums, such as Reddit or Github. Here, too, you should carefully analyze beforehand which forums the talented people they are looking for for their specific job requirements use to gather information and exchange ideas.

4. Simplify the application process for candidates

If they can express their interest in the vacancy with just a few clicks and are guided through the process fully automatically and digitally, they can apply for a position “on the go”, so to speak.

5. Build your business as a brand

Make sure that you specifically address IT professionals and use communication measures to bring this brand into the conversation. Emphasize that appreciation plays a particularly important role in your company. Involve “real” colleagues from the company and the CEO in recruiting communication, this creates trust and credibility. Emphasize important company values ​​that new colleagues can identify with. And also talk about the vision of the company.

6. Engage experts

If you also want to do active sourcing in your recruiting project, then involve experts who you either set up in the company yourself or hire externally. Because active sourcing has to be learned when it comes to using sourcing hacks or special search engines. If you want to be successful in active sourcing, you should also have extensive communication experience and knowledge of trends and be able to react agilely, situationally and individually.

7. Refrain from addressing them via Xing or LinkedIn

IT talents receive up to 20 requests per day and will most likely not respond.

8. Pay very close attention to your choice of words and tone when addressing candidates

Anyone who appears too demanding and impatient will not be successful in addressing them. Therefore, refrain from sentences such as “Have you had time to read my message?” “I tried to reach you twice.” “A week ago I…”

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