How to install WordPress on Windows using WAMP

Do you own a larger website that makes big changes a real challenge? If this is the case, you can use WAMP to install WordPress on your Windows computer. This allows you to set up a test environment for your website. It will not be live and only people with access to your computer will be able to access it.

When you install WordPress on your computer, you create a local server that only you or anyone with access to your computer can use. It can really speed up your testing and make sure the changes to your live website work perfectly. It’s also a handy tool for keeping your ideas private when you’re working on a larger website. Today I’m going to show how to install WordPress in Windows using WAMP.

Why install WordPress on a local server?

Well, the main reason is testing. Let’s face it, you will install new themes and plugins. You might keep a backup of your entire website content in case a big mistake is made, but isn’t it better to avoid the mistake on your live website entirely? This local version of WordPress can be used as a buffer for your current website and kept safe. It can also be used to secretly write your content, but making a local server for that depending on the content is a bit extreme.

These local servers are often used by theme and plugin developers to test their new themes and plugins. You can not only test it quickly, but also for free. This is a big selling point for many theme and plugin developers who don’t make any income until they are done.


WAMP or WAMPServer is a free Windows web development environment for Apache, MySQL and PHP databases. You must be using a Windows operating system, of course, but if you are using a MAC operating system, you may be able to run Windows as a virtual machine to use WAMP. Since you will be installing WordPress on localhost, note that you can use localhost for many other things and this tutorial can still help you.

How to install and use WAMP to install WordPress on your PC

Today I’m going to show how to install WordPress on Windows using WAMP. This may seem very obvious, but remember that if you are using the MAC operating system, you cannot use this tutorial. This tutorial isn’t overly complicated, but it may run slower on an older PC.

To install WordPress on your PC, you must first install WAMP. It’s easy. Just go to and scroll to the bottom of the page. Click on either the 64-bit or 32-bit version. If you are not sure, you can just select the 32-bit version as it will work on your computer even if you have a 64-bit PC.

A pop-up window will appear. Click the Download Directly option.

Click the Download Directly option.

This will take you to a SourceForge page to download from. Click the Download button. Five seconds later you will find the file is downloading. It is 412MB in size and the download speed depends on your internet connection. Once downloaded, click on the file to open the WAMP installer window.

First you have to choose your language. Once selected, click the “OK” button. Accept the agreement and click Next. The next window gives you more background information about WAMP. Feel free to read it through and click the “Next” button when you’re done. Select the location for the folder and click Next. Click Next again and click the Install button to start the installation. Depending on your PC and internet connection, this can take a few minutes.

Depending on your PC and internet connection, this can take a few minutes.

You will be asked which internet browser you want to select as default and which text editor you want to use. You can choose what you prefer. Internet Explorer and Notepad are suggested by default. You will also be prompted to allow it through your computer’s firewall. WAMP won’t work if your firewall blocks it, so you’ll need to allow access. When you are finished with the installation, click on the “Finish” button.

click the button "Complete".

You should now see a shortcut for WAMP on your desktop. Click on it to launch WAMP.

Click on it to launch WAMP.

You may be wondering why nothing shows up for WAMP and the answer is simple, nothing shows up for WAMP. Instead, you should see your date and time in the lower-right corner that there is a green “W” icon. click it

Click on it to launch WAMP.

A menu will appear. Click on the phpMyAdmin option.

Click on the phpMyAdmin option.

A web page opens in the browser you use for WAMP. Enter root as the username and leave the password blank. Click the Go button to log in. These are the default username and password.

Click the button "Come on", to sign in.

Click the Databases tab. Name your database and click the “Create” button.

Name your database and click the button "Create".

You can now install WordPress. Go here to download WordPress. Click the Download WordPress 4.8.2 button.

Click the button "Download WordPress 4.8.2".

It will be downloaded as a zip file. Unzip the file and copy it for later use. You now need to find the WAMP folder where you downloaded it. The file should be named either wamp64 or wamp32 depending on which version you downloaded. In the file, locate the www. Enter the www folder and paste the WordPress folder. Feel free to rename the WordPress folder to a different name, but you need to find this folder in a directory, so name it something easy to remember.

Enter the www folder and paste the WordPress folder.

Enter https://localhost/”foldername”/ to access WordPress. By default, the folder name should be wordpress-4.8.2. On the page, click on the WordPress option. You will be prompted to choose your language. Click the Next button once your language is selected.

On the page, click on the WordPress option.

You’re almost done now! Click the Let’s Go button. You will see some text boxes searching for your database information. Previously, we created a database that we can use. I called my test database. Enter the correct information in the text boxes and click the Submit button. You will now be prompted to run the WordPress installation. Click the Run Install button.

Click the button "run installation".

You will now be asked to enter the most important information for your website. Fill out the page and make a note of your username and password in case you lose them. Finally, click on the “Install WordPress” button.

Click the button "Install WordPress", to complete the process.

Congratulations, you have successfully installed WordPress on your Windows PC using WAMP. This is a great tool for testing new things on your site before adding them to your live site. Think of it as a training dummy for WordPress and use it well.

Always plan ahead

The goal of using a local version of WordPress is to be able to test and plan for the future of your live site, theme or plugin under development. Regardless of what you make, a plan is required to complete it on time. So before you install any theme or plugin on your website, check it out on this offline site. Remember that only you or anyone else with access to your PC can access this website.

How long did it take you to install WAMP and WordPress on your computer? What do you use your offline website for?

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