How to insert columns!

WordPress Column Block: How to add two or more columns to your WordPress post or page! The WordPress column block allows you to create up to 6 columns. So you can easily display content side by side. In this guide how you can insert, use and design this block.

Columns or are not often found in online publications. But they are very often to be found in newspapers and magazines. With the WordPress column block, YOU can also create such a layout in your blog or website. With it you can not only display text next to each other in columns, but also other elements. Strictly speaking, you can insert every block that is available in the WordPress editor into a column. So a column serves as a kind of container for the other blocks. The number of columns within a block is currently limited to 6 columns.

Notice: Would you like to put a picture next to a text or vice versa? Then you can also use the “Media and Text” block

Insert a column block into a post or page!

To use the column block within a post or page, you can add it using the plus symbol. Should you not discover it directly, the search field is available in which you can search for “columns”. Then click on the icon with the columns. This is how the block is inserted and can be edited further. By default, a block with two empty columns is inserted.

After you have inserted the block into your post or page as described above and illustrated in the screenshot, you will see the following picture.

Insert blocks in columns!

Now that we have inserted the block into our post, we can start filling the columns. We can do this by starting to write our text in the appropriate column. As you can see in the picture above, WordPress asks us to: “Write something or type / to select blocks”. When you start typing your text, the corresponding column automatically becomes a paragraph. For example, if you want to insert a picture in a column, you can do this with the plus symbol. Or you enter “/” as you are already prompted by WordPress and the name of the desired block.

More than two columns!

If you want to use more than the two predefined columns, you can define this via the settings in the sidebar. Up to six columns are currently possible. So that the area in which you can define the number of columns is displayed, you have to make sure that the column block and not a single column within the block is active. Otherwise you will not get the view as shown in the screenshot below. In the field provided for this, you can now enter how many columns you want. As an alternative, you can of course also use the slider by moving it to the right or left.