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How to get free, royalty-free images with WordPress

Whether it’s the featured image for your new article, or an image to break up content on one of your pages, buying images can get pretty expensive over time. Luckily, there are ways to get this important piece of your content for free.

Of course you can take photos yourself, but this is not always practical. Luckily, there are plenty of image archives that collect free-to-use, royalty-free images.

Take pictures yourself

Sounds like you should actually figure it out on your own. However, many bloggers tend to forget that there is a free way to get pictures.

Do you run a travel blog? Then use a snapshot of your last vacation as your next featured image. Are you writing an article about a sport? Just take the camera with you the next time you train and take close-ups of the lines on the hall floor. Your text on the subject of microbiology is lacking in loosening up? How about you draw a greatly enlarged version of a virus and then photograph it?

Sometimes you just have to think a bit abstractly, then you can use a reasonably good camera or even your smartphone to take thematically appropriate and, above all, free pictures yourself.

Searching image archives

You’ve probably heard of Shutterstock and Fotolia. These two are good examples of image archives where you can buy images.

But did you know that there are also image archives for free, license-free images that you can use for your own purposes, sometimes even without naming the author? There are many of these image archives, however, not all are well maintained and only offer high quality images. I’ve had the best experiences so far with Unsplash, Stocksnap, and Pixabay.

Unsplash provides 10 new images in the highest resolution every 10 days. All images published so far are collected on the site and can of course be searched. The photos are published under the CC0 license (Creative Commons Zero license). That means you can do whatever you want with these images. You can modify, copy, distribute and use them for both private and commercial purposes.

Stocksnap also only offers you images released under the CC0 license. These are carefully selected by the editorial team so that only the highest quality, highest resolution images are included in the archive, which is expanded daily.
Don’t be alarmed when you visit Pixabay.com for the first time. The site looks very similar to an earlier version of Shutterstock. But don’t worry, you can also get free royalty-free images here. But you have to be careful, in addition to the free images, you will always see a few images from Shutterstock. This finances Pixabay. But if you’re just careful not to choose images that have “Shutterstock” written over them, you’ll be fine.

More sources for royalty-free and free images

There are various image archives online, thanks to your comments I can create this list here and keep adding new sources!

Jay Mantri (unfortunately no search function)
cc0 photo
Stock snap

But beware:

Of course, it’s super easy and above all free to download the images from these portals and insert them into WordPress. However, they are offered in a very high resolution and are therefore significantly larger than you will depict them. This will significantly increase the loading time of your page if you don’t reduce it accordingly beforehand!
You can either do this using the “Edit image” option integrated into WordPress or, and this is usually the much better approach, you download it and upload it to your website after editing (but then you don’t need the plugin).

So you see, you’ll always find enough free, royalty-free images for your website. Buying pictures is unnecessary. I also only use images published under the CC0 license here on this website.

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