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How to find the best WordPress hosting

A site with the world’s most popular WordPress content management system (WP for short) is generally a good idea. The CMS is user-friendly and through plugins such as theme easily expandable – and of course open source software. However, in order for a WP site to function without problems, certain Hosting Requirements be fulfilled. This article tells you what to look out for when WordPress hosting have to pay attention.

You need this to run a WP website.

The logo of WordPress – the most popular CMS worldwide

WordPress works with the scripting language PHP and a MySQL database. These features must be included in a hosting plan to get the system up and running. Now, before you start looking for the cheapest hosting plan with PHP and MySQL, you should consider some forward-looking features that the visitor numbers and greatly affect the SEO potential of your website. You want as many visitors as possible to find your website?

It’s much easier to achieve this goal if your website ranks high in Google or Bing search results. High rankings are only possible if the website works quickly and is search engine optimized.

Speed ​​of your WordPress website

Not just humans, Google doesn’t feel like waiting for slow loading websites either. Slow internet presences have no chance of high positions. Both the speed as well as SEO potential (SEO = Search Engine Optimization) depend in part on the hosting plan. The more users concurrently using a WordPress site, the more stress is placed on the server on which the website is located. If you opt for a cheap shared hosting tariff, you only get part of the performance capacity of a server.

server hardware like CPU or memory is shared among different customers. So, if one of these clients hosts multiple websites on one plan and performs other performance-demanding operations, you may feel the effects – specifically with slower loading times of their WordPress installation.

To prevent this, many providers set limits. Here you should on the so-called Memory limit (by PHP) regard. The more plugins you activate in WP and the more visitors use the site, the greater the memory requirement for PHP. The hosting plan should offer at least a 128MB memory limit. For large WP sites like online stores with WooCommerce, it should be at least 256MB. WP permalinks are important for search engine optimization. These search engine optimized link structures require mod_rewrite – on Apache server module. Make sure your provider supports this.

More storage space for your WordPress hosting

Storage space is not to be underestimated. Of course, the size is important, because the more storage space is available, the more data can be stored on the hosting. WordPress does not need gigantic memory or disk quotas. A WooCommerce online store with thousands of products gets by with a few hundred megabytes. As a minimum, you should get at least 1GB, because you also want to receive e-mails or create a test installation with WordPress from time to time.

Speed ​​is essential to the practical and day-to-day success of your website. Ideally you will get Space on a server with fast SSD storage. Compared to traditional hard drives, SSD offers much faster read and write operations.

A hacker attack or hardware failure could permanently damage your website. Regular backups are therefore mandatory. The hosting plan must offer an automated backup solution that regularly backs up all your data and restores it if you wish.

The technical requirements of WordPress

In summary, a good one should hosting plan Provide:

  1. PHP support – at least version 5.6 or even php 7.x
  2. Multiple MySQL data thanks / alternatively MariaDB
  3. Apache mod_rewrite module
  4. At least 128MB memory limit – better 256 MB
  5. At least 1GB of storage space on SSD
  6. Integrated backup solution

WordPress uses php, mysql and javascript

A well-equipped web hosting on a fast server forms the Basis for a successful internet presence. In addition, pay attention to the provider quality.

How to recognize a good hosting provider.

WordPress hosting security

WordPress hosting security

optimal Web hosting configuration and fast hardware are important. But there is more to consider when choosing a WordPress hosting plan. In terms of performance and security, the properties of the server center and provider are important. The data center of the provider must have a fast – ideally redundant – internet connection.

Just as important: The location of the actual data center of your WordPress hosting provider must be in Germany so that the Federal German Data Protection Act comes into full effect.

Look for security solutions in the server rooms and certifications such as ISO 9001 (quality management) or ISO 27001 (information security management). These certificates confirm that services are provided to high standards. An important factor that defines the quality of a hosting provider is customer service. Short reaction timesfriendly and competent support staff are positive indicators.

Customer service (or support) should not be underestimated, because sooner or later you will need it – because unforeseeable obstacles always appear in software projects with WordPress. You’re on the safe side with a good support team, ideally knowledgeable about WP.

The actual server speed and the customer service cannot usually be checked in advance. But a good provider has nothing to hide. Look for providers who offer a non-binding trial period. So you can try the hosting before ordering.

With just a few simple steps to perfect WordPress hosting

by the way: Most web server administration interfaces such as Plesk, cPanel or ISPConfig offer so-called 1-Click Installers for WordPress, with which you can create a complete WordPress installation with just a few mouse clicks. This saves a lot of time and your nerves as well as those of your Linux administrator.


By choosing one optimal WordPress hosting with a trustworthy internet provider, you lay the foundation for the success of your website. Take the time to compare and try different offers.

If you have any questions, the employees of the IT service provider Biteno GmbH will be happy to help and advise you. Talk to us or use the contact form.

By the way: The hosting for your WordPress or WooCommerce website you can even order online here at Biteno.

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