How to deal with difficult customers... [Framework aus 300 Kunden] by The Finally Freelancing Podcast

How to deal with difficult customers… [Framework aus 300 Kunden] by The Finally Freelancing Podcast

Simon has grown as a videographer from €1,800 a month to €12,000 a month. And the whole thing within 2 months of cooperation. Simon has a passion for videography and film production. But being too passionate can also have its downsides. Some people make use of this passion, true to the motto: “Be happy, you’re doing what you love and you even get a little money too…” Why disciplined people can have it more difficult Before working together, clients have Simons Exploited love of work. At times he worked 90 hours a week (!). His earnings – and now hold on tight – 500€ per month. No joke. Especially people who are disciplined enough to work hard on their desires do these things longer than is healthy. After a short time, Simon realized that things couldn’t go on like this. Constant stress, anxiety and low self-esteem in his early 20s. His relationship also fell short. But above all: no longer passionate about his work. But Simon pulled himself together. New customers and a “better” monthly income of €1,800. His goal of €4,000-5,000 a month was still out of reach. From 90 hours a week and shortly before burnout to weekend trips with my girlfriend Then his brother Sebastian – who I am friends with – approached me. Sebastian said: “Maruan, I would like to buy your coaching for my brother, is that possible?” I answered: “First of all, I have to speak to Simon…” I wanted to get to know him, his skills and goals, but above all his enthusiasm. Shortly after the conversation I wrote to Sebastian that everything was fine. Fast Forward: I personally had a kick-off with Simon in June and our collaboration started. I still remember when Simon told me that €50,000 a year was his dream. I asked bluntly, »why not €100,000? You definitely have what it takes.« Two months later, in August, Simon made €12,000 in sales in one month. He now has a life outside of work. He can take weekend trips with his girlfriend and has fought his way out of the downward spiral. Full story and more insights like: How to recognize you’re being exploited How a specialization gives you a boost as a freelancer How to recognize that your client doesn’t value you (Red Flag) The hidden toxic consequences of low self-esteem How Simon made the leap from €1,800 to €12,000 You can hear what he recommends to others who are in his situation in an interview with Simon. Incidentally, that was the longest customer interview I’ve ever had. Simon talks a lot about how extremely difficult it is to pull yourself out of the swamp by the hair. In between, however, he always gives tips that he missed when he was in the maelstrom. It’s always worth listening! *** FOLLOW US ON *** ➡️ Instagram: ➡️ Facebook: ➡️ LinkedIn: linkedin

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