How to change the layout of your WordPress blog

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The layout of your homepage should help you to retain visitors. If it doesn’t look well made, you risk it lose traffic.

However, changing the WordPress homepage layout can be done in two different ways without excessive HTML coding.

One method relies on the built-in functionality of the WordPress theme, while the others revolve around using WordPress plugins. Using these two methods, customizing a WordPress theme can be much easier.

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But let’s find out first:

How to change the layout of your blog with your WordPress theme

When developers create a WordPress theme, they can add many sections that can hold a variety of content. However, not all WordPress themes are created equal.

While one has multiple headers and ways to control them, others cannot. The WordPress theme you choose to install therefore has a real content management responsibility.

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Appearance Access

since yours dashboardgo on appearance » widgets ». Most changes are made in this window. In the latter you have to see things like sidebar, header, footer and other sections. These elements relate to all areas of your website.

If you paste something into the sidebar, it will appear on the right side of the page – sidebar -.

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Layout options are available in the widget area for some WordPress themes. For example the topic ” color mag »Has the ability to display featured articles or content from specific categories in two different ways.

You must select the available widget in the ” Home Top And customize it to your liking. Before starting theInstalling the plugins for speed dial numbers and layout changes, explore the page ” Customize > Widgets from your topic. It may already contain something that you want to use for the homepage.

Using shortcodes to change home page

Lots of things can be done in WordPress with shortcodes. These small bits of information can be pasted almost anywhere on the site to display specific information.

While WordPress already has some shortcodes available, there are plugins you can install to expand what you can do with your content’s layout.

Access to Plugins » New » top left, then search for ” WP content layout »

Wp content layout

The plugins available are numerous and can help you improve the look and feel of your WordPress blog.

There are two ways to use shortcodes: in a widget, on a page, or in an article.

In a widget

As mentioned earlier, many WordPress themes have sections available for almost every area of ​​the WordPress website. What do you do if your WordPress theme doesn’t have a widget area?

  • Copy the shortcode of the plugin that controls your layout.
  • Drag a text widget onto the ” Home page Or a similar section.
  • Expand the text widget and paste the shortcode.
  • Save the widget.

On a static page

Many people find it helpful to set up a static page like the homepage and use shortcodes to tweak the look and feel. To do this you must:

  • Click on ” pages On your dashboard.
  • Click on the link New To create a new page named ” More Home Or as you wish.
  • Go to ” parameter From the dashboard, click ” lecture “.
  • The first available option is called ” More Home “. Here you need to select the page you just created. And save your changes
  • Back to ” pages And click on your home page.
  • Add speed dial numbers you want to view.
  • Update your home page.

You can go to the ” menus In your WordPress dashboard under ” appearance Delete the new home page and adapt it to your website. Otherwise, you may have two home page links that lead to two different places. It will be confusing for everyone who visits your blog.

Changing the homepage layout might seem complicated, but it’s pretty easy, especially if you have a theme that already supports different layouts. The shortcode solution can be interesting but definitely using a page builder plugin like visual composer You will be much more practical. In any case, choose the method that works best for you and give your visitors a unique experience.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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