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How to change header and footer?

In this blog post we give you different ones WordPress tips in relation to headers and footer your WordPress website. Among other things, you will learn how to change the header and footer code and thus customize your WP website.

Once you’ve finished installing WordPress, you can start improving the default WordPress web design. If you want to change the web design and restructure the website, it makes sense to edit the web page header and footer first. If you are a beginner and still have questions about various topics, take a look at our ultimate WordPress checklist. There we cover topics from backups and permalinks to favicons and SEO.

Below, we are going to describe each step to customize the design and text of your WordPress website’s header or footer. Among other things, you can edit contact details, add social links, and change the image in the footer to personalize your WordPress site.

Let’s get started:

    1. Customize header / footer for your business
    2. Change text, logo and color
    3. More Tips for Headers/Footers & Conclusion

This is one of the first WordPress tips Remove footer or header branding. We will show you this using footer branding as an example. If you want to remove the header branding, just do the same. When you have WordPress installed, you get the default footer design, padding info, and in most cases designer branding too. This is exactly what makes your website a run-of-the-mill page. However, it is quite easy to customize the branding of the footer. To remove footer branding from your WordPress site, you can use the Appearance Editor to edit the code and make the changes you want.

You can customize the basic WordPress website header or footer settings to suit your needs and add details about your business. If you run a personal blog, you can add personal details and some information about yourself and yourself at the bottom of the page to provide your audience with contact information, email address, and the like.

The following WordPress tips and steps will help you change the basic footer settings of your WordPress site like background color, style, font, etc.

First, you need to log into your WordPress dashboard. To change basic header or footer settings, click depictionselect the tab To adjust off and click header or footer area. A few options will be listed on your screen including Widgets, Copyright, Background Color, Style, Layout, etc.

How to change the footerThe second of our WordPress tips deals with changing the logo in the header and footer.

about that Footer logo to your WordPress site to changein the Logo Upload block, click choose picture and choose an image from your media library or upload one from your hard drive.

as soon as you up Save on computer and Publish Clicking changes the logo of the header or footer area in the settings you applied.

Below the option to change the footer image is one of the footer copyright codes. You can edit this code to make the changes you want.

Widgets section includes social icons, footer menu, custom text and contact information. If you want to simplify the contact between you and your customers, it makes sense that you download one of the most popular contact form plugins for WordPress.

In the Footer Layout section you will find the options to change the header or footer style.

Changing the background settings

You can also customize the background color and wallpaper for your WordPress site. The possibilities for this are very diverse. You can easily choose any color from the available selection or upload an image for the header or footer of the widgets.

Changing WordPress header or footer text

Now follow important WordPress tips for changing header and footer text. Often these settings for changing the text can be found in a separate menu to the left of your WordPress dashboard. You can find the header or footer settings in the WordPress customizer. To change the WordPress header or footer text, click in the admin bar at the top of the WordPress site To adjust and look for the header or footer text option on the left. Right here you can change the header or footer settings.

More WordPress tips about headers and footers

Check out the overview below for a few more useful WordPress tips to help you edit your header and footer better:

  • Use shortcodes in both header and footer as text widgets. These can help you add buttons or other clickable actions in the footer or header.
  • Keep the header and footer clean and away from distractions. An attractive header or footer is one with more spaces. Your header or footer should have a total of one to four elements.
  • Your header and footer should be user-friendly and elements should be visible at a glance.
  • Rather, don’t use SEO keywords to populate your header or footer.


Depending on the template, the WordPress header or footer settings tips mentioned here may differ from the above as each template is unique and different. For most templates, however, the customizations and WordPress tips above will work. These options allow you to customize the header or footer settings for the WordPress website or blog. Very important: In the end you have to save everything so that it is actually displayed on your website. If you are looking for a reliable hosting partner who can also give you advice on everyday challenges, you should look for a well-rated managed WordPress hosting provider.

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