How much does a WordPress website cost? [Update 2022]

How much does a WordPress website cost? [Update 2022]

So that there are no unpleasant surprises, at the end of the article you will find a table in which all costs related to your website are broken down. So you have an overview and can also decide for yourself how much you take on yourself and what you let professionals do.

In the following I assume that you want a “simple” website. By “simple” I mean a WordPress-based website, which is implemented with the Divi-Theme* or Elementor Pro*, for example, and has only a few additional, individual code adjustments. Such as my page, which you are currently visiting. Rather not like this one.

WordPress is the system you use to manage your website online. It’s the most used system in the world and it’s free.
divi respectively. elementor are page builders for WordPress. This is how you design the look of your website.
Here you can find more information about page builders.

I break down the cost of a new website into the following two areas

  • One-time costs for creating a website
  • running costs a website

One-time cost of creating a website

One thing right away – a website is a lot of work. Without claiming to be complete, here is a list of the activities to be carried out:

As you can probably imagine, the costs are very dependent on how much you take care of yourself and what your requirements are.

Should the Page from the graphic designer to be created? Then you’ll probably have to come with me approx. 2,500-3,500 euros count until your site is fully online.
Do you use a ready theme and will the template just be adjusted more? Then the costs of your web designer will be approx. 1,500-2,500 euros lie.

You don’t want yourself texts? Calculate from about 100 euros per (short) page for the copywriter.

A qualitative one Photo shooting with a good photographer will cost you 500 eurobut there aren’t really any upper limits, for example if you want to take photos in the Bahamas 😉

And with special requests or the Creation of own plugins (e.g. a gross-net calculator for a job exchange, an online shop, a members’ area or an event calendar with a booking function) unfortunately no exact statement can be made about the costs.

Will for your site Premium themes or premium plugins* used, depending on the plugin or theme, there are one-time or annual costs.

Watch out, trap!

There are always offers on the Internet that are far cheaper (“Your website for just EUR 500 ready in just 2 hours!”). In my experience, this is because at least one of the points “Structure”, “Technology” or “Content” massive savings.
In any case, you should compare exactly what is included in the offers.

Running costs for creating a website

In terms of monthly or annual costs you have to reckon with the following:

  • hosting the site
  • any additional costs for the domains
  • maintenance and update costs for premium themes and premium plugins (more on WordPress updates)

Hosting your WordPress website

Hosting is your “building ground” on the Internet. You get a name on the internet (=your domain) and Disk space on a serverto save the text and images.

For simple websites, one of the very cheap hosting offers is usually sufficient around 5-10 euros/month. For this you should get:

  • more storage than you’ll ever need
  • E-mail accounts (e.g.
  • SSL encryption of your website (not only an issue since the GDPR)
  • At least one domain included, more possible for a surcharge
  • top customer support

My recommendation and my partner for over 10 years: all-inclusive*. The private plan plus the extra SSL option is more than adequate for simple websites and gets my recommendation. Here you will find instructions on how to register your domain at All-Inkl.

For high-performance websites, I recommend RAIDBOXES*.

Maintenance of your WordPress website

Unfortunately, what many do not consider is the work after the live broadcast. A WordPress site is quickly put on the Internet, but it also needs regular maintenance to be protected against hackers and the State of the art correspond to. And a backup is also mandatory.

Professional maintenance of simple WordPress sites costs approx. 50 euros/monthincluding daily backup and security check.

If you use premium themes or premium plugins, there is usually an annual fee for this as well. These are mostly per theme or plugin between 20 and 100 euros.

grand totals

Here is an overview of all the costs involved in creating a website:

unique Constantly
Creation of the site €1,500-3,500
Graphic artist/designer €1,000-2,000
Premium theme 20-100€ / year
Premium plugins, per plugin 20-100€ / year
texts per page from €100
photos from €500
hosting 10-30 € / month
extra domains approx. 20€ / year
maintenance about 50 € / month

Now that you have all the costs clearly listed – Did you calculate these amounts?? If you already have a website – what did you spend on it? I look forward to your comment!

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