How much does a WordPress website cost? Design, performance, security.

In addition, the following points can be added

  • Connections to merchandise management systems or shop functionality
  • Payment methods such as Paypal without a shop
  • Image editing and graphic design
  • Photography and video clip production
  • Web Hosting Support
  • Installation of special plugins for special functions such as event calendars, galleries, sliders, appointment requests, ticket booking and much more.
  • Own programming / individual plugin development
  • Handicap-friendly implementation of the website (barrier-free/screen reader readable is standard and listed above)
  • Multilingualism of the website
  • Extended support
  • Advanced SEO measures
  • newsletter service
  • rework
  • Introduction to the blog system (insert content independently)
  • Connection to social media

An agency can only set these prices individually and according to the volume of work. Third providers are often also commissioned here if it goes beyond the agency’s catalog of services.

So what exactly is the price of a WordPress website?

A small, professionally set up WordPress website with 10-12 pages around 1200 euros net cost, using ready-made themes that are professionally adapted to the CI. Developing a new theme increases the price.

This one-off payment can often be reduced by subscribing to a service (updates, extensions, brief information for customers, newsletter service, etc.). This service costs from 15-50 euros per month and includes a corresponding fee for service times in addition to hosting.


Would you like to implement a WordPress project? Find a WordPress developer agency you trust or an agency recommended to you by friends or business partners. If this is then still located near your company, perfect!

Provide the agency with as much information as possible about your planned project, the scope, the look and the functionality. The more specific the information, the more specific the estimate will be.

Ask the agency about their competence for legally secure websites. A very important aspect that is often neglected and then leads to warnings and the associated high costs.

Make sure that you always have the same personal contact person so that you can react promptly to problems or new requests.

WordPress is currently the most used system

This cost analysis certainly applies to all systems to create a professional website. WordPress has established itself in its popularity and functionality on medium-sized websites, so we were able to show a good example of this using this CMS/blog.