How easy is WordPress really to use? What you should know

If you are new to web publishing, launching a webpage can be challenging. For example, WordPress has its own dashboard where you can customize your website, install plugins and themes, and adjust settings.

It may take a while to master the WordPress dashboard as some terms can be incomprehensible at first. Probably one of the first questions is what posts are compared to pages or custom post types and if they aren’t arbitrarily interchangeable.

The great flexibility of WordPress relies on themes and plugins. There are a plethora of tools on the market that you can use to transform your website into almost anything you want. However, this can easily become overwhelming as multiple plugins promise the same or similar features, making it difficult to choose between them.

While WordPress doesn’t require any coding skills, customizing your theme is often not that easy. By default, you don’t get the same visual editing experience as you would with a webpage on Squarespace or Wix, although the new block editor Gutenberg is moving more in that direction, allowing for a drag-and-drop visual design. Some poorly coded themes can also be difficult to customize unless you are an advanced user and have knowledge of HTML and CSS.

Finally, WordPress security is another big topic that might complicate things even further. For starters, you need to make sure you keep the WordPress core, your theme, and your plugins up-to-date, as updates often come with the removal of security vulnerabilities.

In addition, you must overcome the challenges common to most website building platforms. This includes choosing a hosting provider, doing search engine optimization (SEO) and monitoring your website analytics so you can reach your target audience. While this is not a WordPress-specific requirement, using the tools can make the platform more difficult to use than other solutions.

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