Install Wordpress Plugin - Step 5

How do I set up the WordPress newsletter plugin?

Extensive content can also be transferred from CMS systems such as WordPress or Drupal with just one click.

Set up a plugin on WordPress

1.1 Change permalink settings

In WordPress under “Settings” open the “Permalinks” section and select any other setting as default.

1.2 Now you can download the Newsletter2Go plugin for WordPress here.

1.3 After downloading the plugin, upload it to the backend of your WordPress website. To do this, go to your plugin settings and open the “Install” section. Here you can upload the new plugin.

1.4 After that it is directly available in WordPress. Select it there under the downloaded plugins to install it.

Install WordPress Plugin - Step 6

1.5 When the installation is complete, click on “Newsletter2Go” in the menu bar.

1.6 Click on “Log in or create account”

If you already have a Newsletter2Go account and are logged in at the same time, you only have to allow access so that the interface is set up.

If you already have a Newsletter2Go account, you can simply tick “I already have a Newsletter2Go account” and log in with your account data.

If you do not yet have a Newsletter2Go account, you can also create a new account here.

If you have successfully registered, you will land directly in your Newsletter2Go account, with the interface to your WordPress system that has now been set up automatically.

Here you can change the access data and test the connection to the WordPress system.

2. When the connection to the account has been established, a login form or unsubscribe form can be edited in the WordPress plugin.

You must have created a subscription form or unsubscribe form in the account (under Main Menu–>Forms you can create this). You can select this in WordPress under “Choose a form” and then adjust it graphically. On the right you can see a preview or directly the source code of the registration form.

3. You can then integrate the registration form via “Contributions”–>”Create” with these shortcuts:

[newsletter2go  type=popup] = as a popup

[newsletter2go] = Normal integration

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