How do I follow a WordPress blog?

I lost a few followers due to the move from Blogger to WordPress. Some found me again later, others may well think I don’t blog anymore. So today I want to describe the different ways

how to follow a wordpress blog

When I was still active at Blogger, I had a “Follow” widget on my page. The easiest way to become a follower on a blogger blog. That doesn’t exist for WordPress blogs.

My favorite medium at the blogger dashboard was and is!!! the

reading list.

I read the latest posts about this every day and still do when I’m at my computer. I love this chronology!

And here is the (in my opinion) best way to follow a WordPress blog as a blogger user:

  1. About the reading list in Blogger dashboard!
    First of all you call up your reading list, then you click on the pen in the upper right corner.Reading list editingReading list editing

    In the window that opens, click on the Add button.

    Add to reading listAdd to reading list

    It continues with inserting the url of the blog in WordPress (or any other) that you would like to follow.

    Add URLAdd URL

    The last step is to decide whether you want to follow publicly or secretly.


    I assume 95% of all bloggers know this possibility. Here I have pointed it out for those who might not already know.

  2. follow about Feedly.
    I even wrote my own post about Feedly. Feedly has a very special charm with its APP. This means I can conveniently have my reading list with me on my smartphone.
    Feedly reading list
  3. above Bloglovin.
    If you use and like Bloglovin, click on the little heart next to my side menu in the top right corner and end up here:
  4. above google+
    Edit 3/18/2019: Google+ will be discontinued at the beginning of April 2019

    Honestly, there is too much confusion there for me and many blog posts hiss through me. Nevertheless, Hootsuite (mostly) dutifully links my new posts there.
    Just click this in the top right next to my side menu g+ and in google+ then up consequences click.
    Alternatively, a Google+ widget for following is integrated in my sidebar.

  5. above Facebook.

    Personally, I don’t particularly like this because you have to subscribe to each blog’s page to get notifications of new posts. And then they just get lost in the throng of new posts.
    At the top right next to my side menu click this f and in Facebook then up subscribe to click.
    There is also a Facebook widget in my sidebar.

  6. above Instagram.

    Since more and more people are almost only romping around in Instagram, that should also be described.
    At the top right next to my side menu click this Instagram icon and in Instagram then up follow click.
    Since there is only one clickable link in Instagram, namely in the user’s profile, I linked to the blog and the latest blog posts there. You can get there by clicking on my link in bio Linktree.

  7. Above RSS feed.

    If you are not already using feedly as a feed reader, you can click on the top right next to my menu RSS icon click and then click in the window that opens Subscribe to the feed.
    Alternatively, click on the RSS symbol in the sidebar, where my feed link is hidden

  8. my blog by email subscribe to.

    I subscribed to check myself. Let me tell you, not everything is displayed correctly in the email.
    Enter data in the sidebar on the right and you will receive regular mail from me

I can’t think of any other options at the moment, but that’s enough, isn’t it? If you know of other options, I look forward to hearing from you!

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