#heiseshow: Card terminals in retail - what was broken, what needs to change?

#heiseshow: Card terminals in retail – what was broken, what needs to change?

The corona pandemic had given cashless and contactless payment a noticeable boost. This has now suddenly been significantly reduced – defective card terminals caused problems in retail for weeks. From May 24, many people stood helplessly at the checkout with full shopping bags because hardly any other payment option worked or was offered apart from cash.

Even now, card payments are said to not work at some checkouts in German retail. What exactly triggered the defect and who can be called responsible for the consequences is also still a matter of debate. Manufacturers and retailers blame each other.

But what caused the defects? Who is more likely to be responsible for failures? What security requirements must card terminals meet? Why were some card terminals able to accept direct debits again while others were still disrupted? What is the interoperability of Girocard and credit cards? And why did the problems with the card terminals come to light only gradually? Is there no obligation to provide information if a large number of payment systems are apparently not working? And could the problem also await people on vacation abroad?

Kristina Beer (@bee_k_bee) talks about this and many other questions, also from the audience, with c’t editor Markus Montz (@Speichenschreck) in a new episode of #heiseshow, live from 12 p.m.

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