Have a WordPress website built: Costs and FAQ [Ratgeber]

When WordPress-Developer I have requests for new websites every day. As a rule, hardly any potential customer knows at what cost he at a WordPress website calculate got to. Even if the requirements are clearly defined, WordPress developers or agencies usually do not have an overview of the market to be able to estimate how much money you actually have to put on the table in the end for a professional website. I’m trying to shed some light here.

Good WordPress developers come at a price

There are sometimes massive differences in prices among WordPress programmers. There are representatives of the guild who charge > 100€ an hour and would not even accept projects under 20 hours or would not offer them under 20 hours. That’s understandable, there WordPress developers in high demand and you can almost choose your customers.

Other developers peddle dumping prices. They are very active on freelancer portals in particular. In my opinion a must established WordPress developer do not register their services with such portals in order to get orders. If you work well and are represented on the web with a reasonable website (and don’t shy away from one or two free tips via blog), you are currently being overwhelmed with inquiries and can set your hourly rate sensibly.

Anyone who works for less than €50 an hour is either not dependent on the money or doesn’t know any better. Here it is more like: hands off. The risk of falling flat is too great.

What is charged for WordPress websites?

What the developer actually charges for a website varies. But here is what I bill for and have already seen with other colleagues. An example layout of a typical simple WordPress website:

  • Setting up WordPress on the customer’s web space (from €80)
  • Protection through security measures (from 80€)
  • Setting up a backup (from €20)
  • Creation of a theme (from 400€) or
  • Setting up a premium theme (recommendations for good premium themes) and customization (from €160)
  • Alternatively: Individual programming of a WordPress design/theme (from approx. 500€, also in the direction of 3-4,000€)
  • Creation of the content pages (price per page from €20)
  • Creation of a contact form (from 40€)
  • Installation of Google Analytics (approx. 20€)
  • Installation of Cookie Consent (from approx. 60€)
  • Page speed optimization (from 160€)
  • Redirect old URLs if relaunch (from 40€)
  • Training for the system via Teamviewer (from 80€)
  • Mobile optimization (part of the overall design offer)
  • Costs for the domain (approx. 10€ per year)
  • License costs for premium plugins and themes
  • Optional: maintenance contract (from 200€ per year with 2-month updates)
  • Optional: SEO support (from €400)

There can of course be a few other items, depending on whether the customer has special requirements or not. That would be for example:

  • Connections to merchandise management systems
  • shop functionality
  • Payment methods such as Paypal without a shop
  • image editing
  • Web Hosting Support
  • Installation of special plugins for special functions such as event calendars, galleries, sliders…
  • Own programming / individual plugin development
  • Installation of third-party tracking solutions
  • Commissioning external copywriters (e.g. via content.de)
  • Optimization of Pagespeed/Core Web Vitals
  • GDPR check and adjustments

The prices for this are to be set individually. It is therefore not possible to give a rough house number.

What must of course be calculated extra are the following costs:

  • External copywriter for the content
  • External SEO agencies that accompany the website creation
  • External graphic designers who provide specifications or create complete layouts
  • Costs for web hosting (HostPress recommended), SSL certificates, any plugins used (from €8 per month for good hosting)

So what exactly is the price of a WordPress website?

As you can see above, I have indicated the prices with “from”. That means there is room for improvement here, depending on which developer you work with and how the requirements actually turn out. Prices cannot generally be lumped together. My prices for the above services also vary depending on the client’s needs.

But from my experience I can say that professionally set up WordPress websites can be had for €700-800 net. I’ve set up quite a few WP websites within 10 hours. Of course we are talking about the absolute lowest level here! Especially when using ready-made themes. New developments of a theme cannot be offered at the price.

The scope of these websites (mostly for small and medium-sized companies) was of course manageable (about 10 pages), but these websites are my specialty. Projects between 10 and 30 hours suit me best, although I also handle larger projects.

The bigger but the planned website is and the more special the requirements for design and features, the more expensive becomes a website and moves away from the prices of smaller typical business websites. Some developers or agencies concentrate precisely on these large projects of 30 hours or more. They will of course not offer websites for €800.


The price of a WP website cannot be determined specifically. A small website should be available from €700 without having to have a bad conscience about having bought something of poor quality. To be honest, it has to be said that even expensive providers can do a bad job. I have been asked several times for an opinion on the work of colleagues who have left clients with half-finished websites or simply overcharged their services.

Upwards out are the limits for large websites of course arbitrarily scalable, depending on how high the requesting customer wants to go with his website. Prices over €10,000 are not uncommon.

So if you want to have a project implemented in WordPress, simply ask the WordPress developer you trust or the agency that may have been recommended to you by friends. Send as much information as possible about the desired scope, look and functionalities. The more specific you are, the more specific the price will be on an offer and you know where you stand.

Compare. Especially when it comes to large projects. And: Don’t get charged for making an offer. It should ALWAYS be free. Just like the first telephone consultation!

Frequently asked questions about WordPress development costs

How much does WordPress cost?

WordPress websites do not have uniform prices. The price is highly dependent on the requirements of the prospective website operator and also on who is creating the website. Speed, expertise, design requirements and scope are just the most important parameters. There are some other points that affect the price of a WordPress site. For me, small WordPress websites usually start at €1200 plus tax. Of course there is no upper price limit, depending on what my customer wants. If the price is lower, it will be difficult to get reasonable quality. WordPress itself costs nothing. Only premium plugins or themes are chargeable.

Is WordPress paid?

no The support CMS is free of charge. Only the wordpress.com variant costs fees, but with restrictions in the feasibility of website requests. wordpress.com is more of an entry point. Professional websites should be installed and set up with a hoster.

Where can I download WordPress for free?

The download is available at wordpress.org.

Where to buy WordPress

WordPress is not purchased. Only WordPress.com is a paid platform on which bloggers in particular can quickly set up a website. Usually with limitations compared to a standalone installation of WordPress. The WordPress variant to be installed from wordpress.org is free of charge.

What are the costs for WordPress support?

That depends on the hourly rate of the WordPress supporter and of course the scope of the support. A guideline for a sensible WP developer would be around €70+ per hour and from €400 per year for monthly maintenance (expenditure around 30 minutes per month).

What is the difference between wordpress.com and wordpress.org?

WordPress.com is a platform where you can quickly bring a website live. Basically free of charge, the more features, the more expensive and in the end the possibilities are limited compared to the individual installation via wordpress.org at the hoster of choice.

What are agency pricing for WordPress websites?

I would assume prices > €2,000 for small websites. Freelance developers can usually dig a little deeper. However, the price is very much dependent on the quality of the agency and how busy it is. It cannot be ruled out that entry-level agencies in particular will set prices a little lower. However, it is not uncommon for there to be a lack of expertise here, which means that projects may take longer.

How much does a WordPress shop cost?

A WordPress shop is usually a considerable additional expense in terms of price. Setting up a (e.g. WooCommerce) shop correctly means a lot of work in terms of legal certainty, data protection, entering products, configuring payment options, etc. For small shops, at least a 4-digit amount should be calculated. Large shops like to go in the 5-digit direction.

What is the hourly rate of a WordPress developer?

That depends on the expertise and experience of the developer. The newer on the market, the cheaper. I myself started with 50€ in 2012. Of course, my hourly rate has also changed significantly since then. The greater the occupancy, the sooner the price rises. Over time, however, so does experience, so that developers can work faster. This saves time and the higher hourly rate is put into perspective again. You should calculate between €70 and €120 per hour.

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