From Tesla to the Red Cross: The dangerous hacking evolution of 2022

From Tesla to the Red Cross: The dangerous hacking evolution of 2022

The new year is here and with it, unfortunately, comes the risk of becoming the victim of a hacker attack. Cyber ​​attacks and hacker activities are unfortunately still very popular and take place in their thousands every day all over the world – and the trend is rising.

More and more companies are being formed or connected to the global web and are operating within a framework that can be targeted by hackers. The bad news is that it can now affect anyone, whether private or business person. The hackers attack everyone and see an opportunity to make money or achieve other goals everywhere. Nobody is immune to this danger and really everyone should be aware of this topic.

IT expert Benjamin Richter knows all about hackers and the dangers they pose. He has been working in the scene for many years and is well connected in the industry. In the following guest article he gives valuable tips to show what hacker attacks are all about and how you can effectively protect yourself from hackers.

1. Why did the hackers enter the scene in the first place?

When the Internet came into being and brought its global network into being at the beginning of the 1990s, hackers were also part of the game almost from the moment it was born. The networking and connections that the Internet offers with all connected devices is what attracts the hackers and makes them attractive for their criminal activities. A hacker can hack into a system or device from anywhere on the other side of the world, which can subsequently result in immense damage and threat potential.

Sensitive information in the hands of hackers is blackmail material and can be used to blackmail the institution in question into paying a ransom. Criminals worldwide use hacking as a source of income, to cover up other crimes or for processes that can sometimes destabilize entire states and lead to global upheavals. For example, hackers have already succeeded in influencing elections, sabotaging state parliaments or causing major global corporations to falter on the stock exchanges. The possibilities are diverse and are unfortunately constantly being expanded.

2. Why are companies being targeted by hackers?

Companies are the sources of inspiration, valuable knowledge and highly qualified know-how. The big companies in this world have data and information that they like to keep secret from the competition and, as a knowledge advantage, always lead to huge profits. Hackers can find out things here and acquire documents that can be used to earn cash with a purchase or as part of an extortion. A hacker doesn’t have to rob a bank anymore – he can rob it from the comfort of his own home if you want to paint this picture to simplify the subject.

3. Which companies are at particular risk?

Unfortunately, there is no detailed and reliable ranking for this aspect. This means that any company can become a target, even if at first glance and one’s own assessment there is an immediate danger. The ways and mindsets of the hackers are ramified and sometimes factories are attacked so that another factory that is being supplied and dependent is attacked and wounded. So hackers can hit even small business owners and ruin them in no time. Sensitive failures or the publication of data on the network can lead to the loss of orders. The destruction and manipulation of one’s own systems and devices can prevent further work and ruin the company existentially and permanently. Ultimately, it doesn’t matter whether you’re the German Red Cross or Tesla – every company has areas that can attract hackers.

4. Security means, protection options and the future with hackers

Despite all the pessimism, the silver lining should also be mentioned. Companies are not alone in the field and can get effective and valuable support on their side. With specialists, experts and “good” hackers, it can certainly be possible to install a protective wall and build the hurdles so high that it is no longer attractive for hackers to choose this company. The software is constantly evolving and can continue to increase protection – provided that the entrepreneur does not stand still and recognizes the need for the investment at this point. Each expense is many times lower than a possible hacker damage. The hackers will stay and the number of attacks will continue to grow every year.

A conclusion

The hacking evolution will continue in 2022 and will always create new dangers for companies around the world. Hackers are like predators and like them they will take the path of least resistance. With a little protection and investment, every company can position itself securely for the future and avert possible dangers in advance. In any case, do not leave your most important company values ​​unprotected!

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