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Free WordPress Themes – Sources for Free WordPress Themes

One of the early ideas on the web was that everything should be free. Every download – free, every software free – simply everything for free – info pages anyway. That also worked for a while. During this early period, WordPress also emerged – for free, of course, and that also contributed a lot to the success of WordPress and its colossal spread. The first themes were mainly only available for free. And so that WordPress works at all, several free WordPress themes are included with the installation.

These themes from WordPress or Automattic, the company behind WordPress, which have such imaginative names as 2015, 2014, 2013, etc., are rather limited in functionality. However, they are perfectly suitable for writing and publishing articles. So it is not surprising that these themes are among the most popular themes. Twentyeleven is already responsive. But that can also be due to the laziness of the webmaster, because there are plenty of alternatives on the web.

Free WordPress Themes at WordPress
There are around 2000 free WordPress themes to be found in the Theme Directory operated by WordPress. Where do these themes come from? Well, anyone can publish their theme on WordPress if it’s free. So if you want to let off steam programming a theme, you can do so and make your theme available to the public. With WordPress you can find hobby developers or developers who want to make a name for themselves. Because if you have already downloaded a Theme4free and are satisfied with it, you might check whether the programmer has other themes in his portfolio and is even willing to pay a small price here – not a bad marketing plan. Woothemes also offer free themes for Woocommerce. The income is generated via the Woocommerce plugins.

Shortcomings of free themes
A lot of time in the development of a theme is in the administrability of the theme. How many sidebars are there? What smart widgets are there? Are there different layouts? Are SEO options available? How good is the responsive design? Is Facebook or other social media integrated? These are all features that, if they are missing, again mean a certain investment of time or plugins. And so the ambitious webmaster sits one day longer on a free WordPress theme than if he had bought a commercial theme. The support is not to be underestimated. Top developer teams usually also have TOP support and can help with a layout or technical problem.

The optics are very appealing at first glance. But this is usually only due to a few purchased stock photos. A theme is not just the header image! The technical details decide. Clever administration or configuration options and widgets make daily work easier. That’s time that adds up over the course of a year. If the only problem with a theme is that it is not responsive – a plugin like wp Touch can help. It’s a good idea to view the demo and its source code before downloading. If there are still old HTML table constructions, hands off. Also a W3C test of the theme, or speed test is a good idea and that works with the demo too.

Developers offer free WordPress themes
It is not uncommon for professional developers who actually live from sales to offer free WordPress themes. They are either advertising themes that have a small banner or at least a footer link to the manufacturer, themes that are a bit outdated, some are not responsive, or lite themes of which there is another professional version. All three are good ways to get a professional WordPress theme free. Of course, you should also take a quick look at the source code here. But the developer would be ill-advised to give away really bad themes.

List of free WordPress themes
The following themes are free to download. This is the status of the research and can of course change, but this is rather unlikely.

Offerer theme
Theme junkie
  • BiancaA
  • Delivery Lite
  • Table
  • channel
  • FashionPress
Woothemes / Free Woocommerce Themes
  • storefront
  • boutique
  • mystyle
  • Artificer
  • Wootique

List is constantly being expanded.

As a beginner in WordPress, free themes are sufficient, and above all simple free themes completely. The code is much easier to read. The following also applies to free themes: the theme must meet the requirements. For a simple blog that is run in the form of a classic blog, a free theme is often sufficient. If you notice that the theme does not live up to expectations – changing the theme only takes a few moments. What not to do is spend too much time expanding a theme. The cost of a commercial theme is beyond comparison.

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