Free chatbots compared in 2021

Free chatbots compared in 2021

The free chatbots at a glance:

What is a WordPress Chatbot?

A WordPress chatbot is an assistant that communicates with your website visitors via text messages. It can be integrated into your WordPress website, helping you get closer to your customers.

Such a bot is an automated communication system and can be used as a passive support on your website after it has been set up once.

Why do you need a WordPress chatbot?

There are enough reasons to use chatbots.

He helps attract customers by taking a step toward shy customers.

In addition, he helps to get rid of routine tasks and thus relieve the own customer support.

In addition, chatbots are a cost-effective way for you to ensure 24/7 support on your WordPress website.

Difference chatbot and live chat

response quality

A live chat agent can answer any questions related to their business and prove helpful to customers. This is missing in a chatbot.

This one may not be able to think outside the box. Only preprogrammed information can be processed and returned.

This means that all questions must be contextual. The ability of chatbots to answer questions is therefore limited.


One of the biggest benefits of chatbots, on the other hand, is their ability to work without human assistance.

Chatbots can chat for several hours without human help – saving you time, money and energy.

Tidio allows you to easily set up a WordPress chatbot.

On your website it looks like this. The message can of course be customized.

Simply download the WordPress plugin here and the WordPress chatbot is ready.

The WordPress chatbot Tidio can also be linked to Facebook Messenger.

the free version is designed for 3 users. It also includes unlimited chat with 100 visitors per month with the WordPress chatbot.

The live chat with the 3 users is unlimited.

In addition, Tidio has a desktop version and an app for the smartphone.

The chatbot can be customized on Tidio’s website, it’s all done very easily using drag-and-drop.

Tidio offers you the following actions for the chatbot:

Chatbot Tidio options

Thanks to MobileMonkey, companies can use chatbots to get in touch with future customers via Facebook Messenger.

Once a customer opens your website, it would look like this:

WordPress chatbot MobileMonkey

However, there are also visitors who do not have a Facebook account or who are more careful about where they register with their Facebook profile. Therefore, MobileMonkey supports 3 options:

  • Both Facebook Messenger and Webchat
  • Facebook Messenger only
  • Web chat only

With the first option, MobileMonkey finds out whether the visitor has a Facebook account. If so, it immediately displays: Sign in as a name. If not, he uses the normal web chat.

Now you can also simply select “Supports web chat only”. This means that the whole thing can also be completely separated from Facebook. However, you still need a Facebook page to set up MobileMonkey.

It then looks like this on the website:


the free version MobileMonkey involves sending 1000 messages per month. That should definitely be enough for smaller websites.

In addition, the free version can be installed on an infinite number of WordPress websites. It is even possible to set up this bot on your Facebook page for free.

To install MobileMonkey, simply download the WordPress plugin here and the installation is complete.

A Facebook login is required to set it up and then you have to tell the chatbot what to do and when.

The chatbot on my WordPress site first opens with a short welcome message.

The blue color of the chatbot cannot be adjusted on MobileMonkey.

After clicking on the icon, the chat window opens with another message.

Mobile Monkey example

There are many here functions to disposal.

  • question (which expects an answer)
  • picture
  • Video
  • text
  • gallery
  • attachment / file
  • gif
  • Write animation

And depending on the answer clicked, different paths can then follow.

MobileMonkey WordPress Flow

With Flow XO, you can create incredible chatbots quickly and easily. These enable you to communicate and interact with your customers across a variety of different WordPress websites, applications and social media platforms.

Flow XO supports Facebook Messenger, Slack, Telegram, Twilio SMS and a simple web application. I chose the simple web application.

Flow XO platforms

What can the free version do?

With Flow XO, the free version gets you 500 interactions per month and chat data retention for just 2 weeks.

In addition, a maximum of 5 bots may be active at the same time.

500 interactions should therefore be more leeway than the 1000 messages that MobileMonkey offers.

the installation is on your WordPress site dead easy. You first whitelist your domain to prevent site visitors from using your chatbot for their WordPress site.

Then copy the link and paste it in front of the tag. Complete!

In the following figure, you can see what the chatbot can look like on your WordPress site.

Flow XO example

In my opinion, one advantage of the Flow XO chatbot is that the welcome text comes later and not directly.

But I think that can be a matter of taste. This cannot be set with the Flow XO, with the MobileMonkey chatbot only with the premium option.

the theme color of the chatbot can be chosen by yourself. In this example it is blue.

Flow XO example chatbot opened

The text in the header where the chatbot is can be adjusted as desired.

With the Flow XO chatbot, by default, the window is the full page height and overlaps the webpage. However, this can also be set in the settings.

You can specify the height either in pixels or as a percentage, but this applies to all devices.

This is a disadvantage for me compared to MobileMonkey, where the chatbots are displayed in full screen mode on mobile devices.

Flow XO offers you the following functions:

  • question (which expects an answer)
  • picture
  • Video
  • text
  • Map (attachment / file)
  • Start live chat
  • Waiting
  • Office connection
  • over 100 additional functions

the Live chat function from Flow XO allows you to take over an existing call. This option is not available with MobileMonkey in the free version. is a chatbot that shines with its simple user interface.

With simple lines, makes it easy for users to create chatbots. Chatbot UI

What can the free version do?

In the free version, offers you 100 chatssuch as 30 blocks per bot.

In addition, you get the opportunity to take over conversations from your bot and send you notifications.

After Tidio, is the am easiest chatbot to set up.

All you need is an email and password and you’re good to go.

For embedding, offers you 4 options: installation types offers you many templates as a basis. These are in English, but can be translated during customization.

This saves a lot of time.

On the website, the bot looks like this in the minimized version: example

And in the maximized version, like this: maximized version


The above bots all have their raison d’ĂȘtre.

If you want a quick setup and don’t have much time, you should use Tidio or

Someone who wants a lot of functions, such as the connection to Outlook or Google Sheets, should definitely use Flow XO.

And if basic functions are enough, you might want to add Facebook Messenger to a web bot and you have no problem connecting the chatbot to Facebook, you should use MobileMonkey.

If you use HubSpot, the HubSpot WordPress plugin will probably also be of interest to you. This can also be used to create a chatbot.

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