For which websites is WordPress suitable?

Many ways lead to your own website. I myself have already presented various ways of creating a company website here in the blog, whether with a website construction kit or with software such as Magix Webdesigner. Or of course with a content management system (CMS), such as Joomla, Drupal or WordPress, which is the most widespread of these three.

The practical thing about a website builder, web design software or a CMS is that you don’t need any programming knowledge to create your private website, blog, company website or online shop.

Like countless other bloggers and website operators, I prefer WordPress because the system is quite simple, is constantly being further developed and there are countless free and paid themes and plugins for layout design and functional extensions.

So WordPress has many advantages. On this page, the web hosting provider Strato explains, among other things, which user groups can particularly benefit from the possibilities of the well-known CMS.

Possibilities of WordPress

These user groups include:


In its early days, WordPress was mainly designed for bloggers. The content type Articles or Posts provides the essential function for the blog, namely the simple creation of chronologically arranged texts, the most recent of which is always listed first in the blog.

It is important for bloggers to be able to write and format their text using a text editor field, give the post a title and add images. Then the article is assigned to a previously defined topic category and finally activated. The various blog posts can be filtered or sorted by the users according to categories, date, different authors (if there were several) and also according to keywords (so-called tags).

Other users or bloggers can use the comment function to send opinions, tips and criticism of the posts.

With the appropriate social plugins, the community contributions can be distributed on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Xing.

WordPress is now 13 years old and has lost its image as a pure blogger CMS in recent years. With more functionalities and the increased emergence of very professionally designed WordPress themes that deliver new types of content such as FAQ, team, portfolio, event, etc., the CMS has now also found a major role in the design of small and medium-sized company websites.

companies and entrepreneurs

In recent years, WordPress has also been increasingly used to design company websites.

Because there are professional WordPress themes available online from a number of providers, with which a website can be equipped with today’s modern website elements such as sliders, parallax elements, image carousel, individually designed contact forms, collapsible accordion fields for FAQs, price tables and testimonials building business websites based on WordPress is the order of the day.

In addition, many themes offer a so-called mobile visibility system, which makes it very easy to optimize the website and its layout for all screen sizes by uploading your own logo for the mobile version and even deciding which content is displayed on which device . In this way, special content can also be created for smartphones, because graphic-heavy websites are to be avoided on the small screens.

Multilingual company websites can also be used very professionally with WordPress. The multilingual plugin WPML, which is equipped with many functions, even enables a separate website layout for each language if the theme used is compatible with WPML.


WordPress is also an option for clubs, because the CMS can also be used to create internal areas for club members on the website. There are various membership plugins on the market that can be used to set up a closed area.

In addition, clubs can publish their news either via the blog area that is already integrated as standard or via an event plugin, which is also included in numerous premium themes.

Donation forms for collecting donations for the association can be implemented with donation plugins such as the Givewp plugin.

online retailer

And with WordPress, you can even build online stores using the WooCommerce plugin, which is available to download for free.

The basic functions of the shop plugin for WordPress provide all the essential areas that a professional shop software should have, such as order management, shipping settings, automatic e-mail delivery, voucher creation, creation of different tax classes, the classic payment options such as bank transfer and PayPal and the creation of simple and variable products.

Many other shop functionalities can be added using (usually) chargeable plugins. You can find the most important of these extensions here on the WooThemes page.

For a legally compliant online shop, German online retailers should use the WooCommerce German Market plugin from Marketpress.

The range of professionally designed shop themes for WooCommerce also impresses; If you are looking for a theme that is optimally tailored to the WooCommerce German Market plugin, you should take a look at Marketpress. I particularly like the Munich and Hamburg themes.

By the way, this article will show you how chic an online shop based on WordPress and WooCommerce can look.


On community pages, users can exchange information, discuss, ask questions and form groups in which they can communicate with each other. A classic community function is a forum in which discussions take place asynchronously (i.e. with a time delay) or in which ideas and opinions are exchanged. With the well-known plugin bbpress, such a forum can be integrated into an existing WordPress installation.

Even more exciting are the so-called communities that work like social media, ie like Facebook and Co. There is also a free plugin for WordPress called BuddyPress.

This allows you to build your own social community, whose members can post profiles, set up groups and teams and communicate with each other synchronously in an activity stream. Different user roles can also be assigned to the members.

A long time ago I created a small series of articles about BuddyPress in my blog.

News portals and online magazines

News portals and online magazines are characterized by the fact that they publish new articles from various subject areas every day, e.g. B. News from international and national politics, economy, culture and sport.

Breaking news is clearly visible in a ticker on the website. All subject areas can be found on the start page in a separate block with the latest reports.

Corresponding WordPress themes also exist for such an internet portal, which also provide the typical magazine structure for the start page. The individual news articles are ultimately nothing more than blog posts that are classified into the appropriate categories.

Preparations for using WordPress

For a good start in the CMS, I have introduced the most important terms in this article. Next comes the question of how to host the site. Because you need web spacei.e. storage space on a server that you can rent.

You can also book other services such as maintenance and configuration of the software from your hosting provider. Beginners can also have their website self-hosted via wor​d​press​.com. However, you may have to pay a surcharge for your own domain without the addition “.wordpress” in the name.

If you are already familiar with it, you can set up the hosting yourself. Among other things, this requires booking web space, setting up a MySQL database and registering a domain.

Many hosting providers have in their offer special WordPress hosting packages, whose scope of services depends on the size of the respective WordPress project. Anyone who runs a resource-intensive WordPress website should therefore choose a hosting package that guarantees optimal website performance.

Disadvantages of WordPress

Strato also explains when WordPress is less suitable as a CMS: for example for very complex websites that require more effort than a small shop, a blog or an information service. If very large adjustments have to be made or if extremely high speed and computing power is required, a different system may make more sense.

Then, for example, Joomla or Magento are ideal. Even when it comes to extremely sensitive data, for example in the financial sector, WordPress is not necessarily the best choice.

The huge spread of the CMS means that the software has increasingly become a target for hackers. But no need to panic: The huge WordPress community is constantly working to close any security gaps that may arise.

Infographic about WordPress

Strato has created an in-depth infographic on WordPress, its benefits and capabilities, and WordPress hosting.

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