Five tips for the perfect password

Five tips for the perfect password

In the 21st century, it is no longer possible to live without a life on the Internet and various profiles and accounts on the World Wide Web.

Business people in particular must be present on a wide variety of platforms in order to be able to serve new orders and customers. But dating platforms and other private content are also protected with passwords. It is therefore important for every user to find a good password. Unfortunately, many people still have a hard time with this and a lot of avoidable mistakes are still made. So that you too can find the perfect password for you starting today, IT expert and security expert Benjamin Richter gives you more insight into his thoughts on the subject of passwords in the following guest article and uses five tips to explain how you too can make the right choice for a password .

1. Avoid logical sequences of numbers and letters

Unfortunately, this simplest of all variants is still used by too many users when it comes to the password for an online account. Passwords like “abcdefgh” and “123456” are easy to remember and type, but they’re just as easy to crack. Sometimes even people from the immediate vicinity who actually have little knowledge succeed in cracking these words. Children in particular can cause some damage to the business device. So if you rely on illogical combinations here and don’t create any connections, you have a clear advantage.

While it’s still very popular to use the names of relatives, friends, yourself, or pets, don’t do it. the social media and the internet activities of everyone reveal a great deal about their own lives. Anyone can get hold of this information with a little background research. Hackers can also access data such as birthdays and the like in population registers, at banks, at health insurance companies or at employers. Again, this information should never be used for a password.

However, what does not apply everywhere is the law when it comes to passwords. The longer the password, the harder it is to crack or find out by accident. Each individual component increases the mathematical power and ensures that a hacker faces thousands of new possibilities. If you work with special characters or combinations of other languages, you get a particularly high level of protection. So every character counts and can be worth its weight in gold for you in a different language or meaning.

Of course, a single password is always the simplest solution – but also the most insecure. If you only use one password for all your accounts and profiles, you are as open as a book. By cracking a single page, a hacker immediately has everything in your hands and can easily gain access to all of your other profiles without much effort. It is therefore worthwhile to think of a separate password for each area, even if it may be more complex. Safety should always come first at this point.

While it’s a hassle and sounds like a lot of work, it’s still most effective to choose a different password for every site and every account. Whoever uses the same one, if cracked by a hacker, will be completely exposed and will suffer damage and become transparent in all profiles. It is always worthwhile to create a large number of passwords with a small book, which are then used frequently and in various ways.

The call for consistency is always immediately loud everywhere – but please not when it comes to passwords. What can be useful in other areas of life is deadly when it comes to passwords. Never use your passwords over a long period of time, variation and reinvention is essential here to protect yourself perfectly. If you always use the same combinations and words, you can easily see through and be calculated.

A conclusion

The perfect password should always be an important concern and can offer both companies and private individuals the necessary protection in the event of a possible hacker attack. Anyone who protects themselves professionally and with a little extra effort has a clear advantage over others! In addition, there are always more tools and little digital and physical helpers for a decent password strength of the user account.

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