FinOps - Manage cloud costs with an overview

FinOps – Manage cloud costs with an overview

However and to what extent they use the cloud, most companies have one thing in common: their cloud costs often spiral out of control. With the increasing complexity of cloud landscapes, it is becoming increasingly difficult for IT managers to keep track of all cloud services, their use, their performance, compliance and efficiency. However, this is essential for the profitability of the cloud. So what to do?

Financial control and predictability

It is clear that detailed cost overviews and control mechanisms are needed. This is the only way companies can face the usual sticking points such as unclear cost forecasts, inadequate reports or a lack of transparency (especially in multicloud applications). The solution: so-called cloud financial operations, or FinOps for short. As a kind of cultural practice, they require cloud leaders to take responsibility for the cloud usage that is caused – for example with the support of a central best practice group. Cross-functional IT, finance and product teams work together to understand what costs are incurred where and what meaningful business decisions need to be made as a result. More financial control and predictability can be realized as a result.

The greatest possible benefit for every application

The range of tasks for FinOps is large. Not only must the team fully understand cloud usage and costs, but they must also monitor and benchmark application performance and make smart business decisions in real-time. Points such as the continuous optimization of cloud costs, efficiency in the use of the application contingent or effective management are also on the agenda – all with the aim of generating the greatest possible benefit for each application.

For an effective FinOps assessment, Logicalis, global provider of IT solutions and managed services, offers a package with four cloud optimization solutions. It covers the entire range of tasks for FinOps in just one ecosystem.

Four birds with one stone: The FinOps Assessment by and with Logicalis

Cloud Checkr, Production Ready Cloud, Spot, Cloud Navigator: With these four building blocks, Logicalis puts the FinOps assessment on solid pillars; each individual solution plays an important part in the overall structure.

Module 1 – the overview: The CloudCheckr cloud management platform makes it possible to understand cloud usage and the associated costs. With the NetApp solution, companies can easily manage their single or multicloud infrastructure. It creates transparency and helps to reduce costs, ensure security and compliance and optimize resources. An individual dashboard clearly displays all relevant information. This means that the essential parameters can be recorded at a glance.

Module 2 – Analysis: The standardized cloud construction kit Production Ready Cloud (PRC) from Logicalis helps companies to migrate workloads to the cloud, to automatically provide a secure and operational environment and, if desired, to transfer this to Logicalis’ managed service. Certain performance features of the modular system are also of great value for the FinOps assessment: With the PRC, FinOps receive an effective tool to be able to do justice to their tasks relating to performance tracking and benchmarking. Because the PRC offers efficiency monitoring, trend analyses, budget management and control through to cost allocation from a single source. These aspects enable intelligent decisions to be made in real time, and optimization potential to be uncovered and implemented.

Module 3 – Optimization: With Spot by NetApp, companies get a comprehensive solution for optimizing cloud infrastructures. It implements the previously uncovered optimization possibilities. Spot’s strengths include discount handling, price model analysis and license management, as well as workload management, resource utilization and cost avoidance. The Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) solution uses automation and machine learning to help adapt cloud environments precisely to the given requirements.

A highlight: Spot automates the cloud infrastructure for containers on request. It continuously analyzes how the containers are using the infrastructure and automatically scales the computing resources – with the aim of maximizing utilization and availability. To do this, the solution uses the optimal mix of spot, reserved and on-demand computing instances as required. Free choice of orchestrator, automated container infrastructure, detailed understanding of costs, simple cluster management and cost minimization are among the key benefits here. In a nutshell, with Spot by NetApp, users get the most scalable and available infrastructure for their cloud at the lowest possible cost. You only have to pay a percentage of the costs saved. There is therefore no risk for the customer.

Image source: NetApp

Module 4 – Organization: Last but not least, the Cloud Navigator from orange networks, a Logicalis company, gives companies the opportunity to control their cloud compliance cleverly and flexibly in the cloud. Cloud managers always have the aspects of security, configuration and budget under control. In this way, the Cloud Navigator helps to establish a FinOps culture that “runs along” permanently and ensures that all processes related to the topic of the cloud run in the best possible and safest way and are constantly optimized and lived. In addition to financing and administrative issues, further training measures and cultural change are also of great importance. This means that companies can use the Cloud Navigator to comply with their corporate and security guidelines in a fully automated manner; Managed services included where required.

All-inclusive package: the Logicalis FinOps Assessment

A look at the four individual building blocks shows: The FinOps Assessment from Logicalis offers companies an all-in-one package to control their cloud expenses and optimize the added value of their cloud – with just one click in the Azure Marketplace. Cost and performance problems related to the cloud are history, managed services from the multi-certified expert Logicalis (NetApp Global Star Partner, NetApp Hybrid Cloud Partner of the Year, Microsoft Gold Partner, Azure Expert MSP) are also available.

The Logicals guide provides more information on the subject of FinOps assessment and the associated options “FinOps Assessment – clever financial management for the cloud”

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