Find WordPress Theme ✓ Look for layout and features

Guide and practical experience

On the one hand, we want to introduce you to several themes on our agency’s website, with which we have worked successfully in recent years. We would also like to give you a guide on how to find a suitable theme for a WordPress website.

WordPress theme website

The overview of all available WordPress themes overwhelms the user:

There are now more than 7,000 themes available with which you can design your WordPress website. Even if you narrow down this selection using various filters, there are often dozens, if not hundreds, of themes left over.

Try a WordPress Theme!

The nice thing about WordPress is that you can simply try out a WordPress theme!

criteria for a test

Here are a few criteria based on our real-world experience so you don’t have to spend four hours testing each time:

  • If you have 3 level navigation – will this WordPress theme all render them?
  • Is there a navigation for special pages (e.g. imprint) in the header?
  • Is a logo included and where is the slogan of the website?
  • Is there an integration of symbols for social networks?
  • Does the single view have a different layout than the start page?
  • Does the overview of the contributions correspond to your graphic design?

Make a preselection here. You are now ready for the next step.

Install WordPress theme to test

If you have completed the test phase in the pre-selection and you only have to decide between three, five or ten WordPress themes that were shortlisted: Install a WordPress theme of your choice on your computer and try out the layout , try out the features. It is best to install the WordPress theme the way you previously installed one ZIP file have downloaded. This brings two advantages:

  • You know exactly which WordPress themes you have tried, even if you have deleted them from the installation
  • When you go live weeks after the project started, you will have the same version of the WordPress theme as when you first installed it. If there have been changes in the meantime that have turned the backend upside down, you will not experience any nasty surprises.

In addition to the criteria you tried on the demo website, you can now test more details:

  • Can I about the customizers Adjust colors for header and navigation?
  • Does the customizer allow customization of layouts for multiple pages, inheritance and, if necessary, infinite customization of the layout?
  • Can I easily switch fonts through the customizer?
  • How is the navigation configured in the Customizer – can I customize multiple integrations in the website?
  • Can I change the view of posts and pages in the layout?
  • What options does the start page in this WordPress theme offer?
  • Does the theme support special plugins, e.g. B.WooCommerce?

Pay attention to the last point! Because experience shows: You have put a WordPress theme through its paces for an hour. You install this theme, work with the customizer for four hours and then you realize that the integration of WooCommerce product categories in the navigation is not supported by the selected WordPress theme. In this case, you should think about another solution or consider an alternative behavior when configuring the website. These are things that only come up when you are dealing intensively with a technical solution – not just a problem when programming websites, but a fundamental aspect of the working world.

Use other websites!

You are not the only person in the big wide world who is faced with the task of looking for a WordPress theme for his website! If the selection about the filter function did not bring the desired success in the WordPress website, you can also take a different approach: search the Internet!

Precisely because there are many people who have faced the same problem, they have posted their experiences on the Internet. If you search Google for a WordPress theme, e.g. B. with the special requirement that you want to design a website for the restaurant, then you can start a search with the search terms “WordPress Theme Restaurant”. You will come across many recent reports and rankings where users describe their experiences with corresponding WordPress themes. Read through these experiences. This is more effective than testing about 100 themes yourself, after the 10th you forget what the first theme was like.

Does a certain theme appear in many of these rankings and is it rated mostly positively? Then you just saved several hours of work! Because most likely you have just found YOUR WordPress Theme!

Psst… Spy on other websites!

Nobody likes to talk about it, but many do, especially when watching the competition… There is one strategywith which you can also find a suitable WordPress theme for your website:

Spy on other websites!

The trick: If you install a WordPress theme on your website, it will always be loaded in the wp-content/themes/ directory of your website. Of course, this is also the case with other WordPress websites! So when you find a web page that you like the design of, look at the source code for that web page. Since WordPress is used as a content management system for thousands of websites, you have a pretty good chance of hitting exactly this CMS. Call up the source code of this website and use your browser’s search function.

If it is a WordPress website, you can find the theme used with a link like this:


In this case it is Fluida. Search for the term after the /themes/ directory. Maybe you just found YOUR theme!