Find out the WordPress version - this is how it works

Find out the WordPress version – this is how it works

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You can use the WordPress version number to assess how up-to-date the website is. At first glance, this number is not so easy to find out. But don’t worry: with just a few clicks you can find out which version your own WordPress site or a WordPress website you visit has.

Find out the version number of your own WordPress website

You can see the version of your own WordPress site from your dashboard. On the left almost at the top you will find the option “updates“. The version number is displayed there and, if applicable, whether an update is available. Otherwise, you can also scroll down to the bottom of any page in your dashboard. The right-hand corner also shows you which version the page is on In the app, the version is often displayed at the top of the program line.

By the way: As a rule, WordPress updates your website automatically. So you should always have the latest version – unless you have set manual updates.

Display the version of a visited WordPress website

If you want to know which WordPress version a page you are visiting is using, you can usually find out from the source code. To do this, click with the right mouse button anywhere on the site and select “page source code“. This will then open in a new tab. Then search for [Steuerung] + [F] (Windows, Linux) or via [Command] + [F] (macOS) after “generator“. You should then find a line that says something like “name=generator content="WordPress [Versionsnummer]"” stands.

If you can find the line but no version is specified, then the operator of the relevant page has switched this off in the settings. In this case it is not possible to see the version number from outside.

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