Fake Flash Drives, SSDs and SD Cards |  c't uplink 44.0

Fake Flash Drives, SSDs and SD Cards | c’t uplink 44.0

We at c’t have been drawing attention to counterfeit USB sticks for 20 years – but there are still plenty of fakes on Amazon, eBay, AliExpress and many other online shops. And their sellers are bold: They invent fantasy hardware with impossible memory sizes and sell them off at ridiculous prices. And when connected to the PC, such a USB device actually shows 10 TB or more, although only a fraction of it is available. The perfidy: everything still seems to be in order when transferring data. Only when you urgently need the backup stored on it or the photo collection is the fraud exposed and the data is gone forever.

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Among other things, USB sticks, portable SSDs and MicroSD cards are affected. My colleague Christof Windeck ordered some to analyze the fakes. Some of the constructions are downright ludicrous: there is a circuit board with an inserted MicroSD card in the SSD housing, or the manufacturer simply wrote the false storage size on the hardware with a felt pen.

In c’t uplink we talk about how best to recognize such hardware before you buy it or how to reliably check it on your own computer afterwards. c’t storage expert Lutz Labs has also tested some sticks and portable SSDs with 1 TB, which really record so much data.

Also present: Achim Barczok, Lutz Labs, Christof Windeck

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