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Envato Elements WordPress Plugin for Elementor

The actual embedding into this site is really easy! Open the page or post you want to edit with the Elementor editor. If you now create a new section, in addition to the two familiar buttons “Add new section” and “Add template”, you will also discover a new button “Envato Elements” that you click on.

Easy installation over the Elementor kits via the Elementor plugin

A popup will open. In the upper bar of the popup you can choose between the already installed kits, premium kits, free kits and free blocks what should be displayed. With the kits, you can use a search mask to search for a term, eg music. The kits are divided into different categories, which you can also display to find the right template for you faster.

View and install Elementor Kits

There are 2-3 buttons under each kit. Here you have the possibility to look at a preview before the installation or to view additional information. This way you can get a more detailed picture of the templates included in the Elementor Kit. When you find a kit you like, click Install Kit. The required files will now be downloaded.

Select Elementor templates from the kit and embed them in the page

When the download is complete, the Install button will change to a “View Kit” button. Clicking on it will take you to the Elementor Kit overview page. All templates belonging to the kit are displayed there. Depending on which page you are currently creating, select the appropriate template and insert it into your page with “Insert Template”.

Some Elementor kits require additional files (e.g. plugins)

Some of the Elementor kits require you to install additional files. You can recognize this by a warning at the top of the detailed view of the kit. The “Install Requirements” button gives you more detailed information about which files are missing and you can also install them directly from there.

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