End of Life for UniFi Video products

Ubiquiti Networks, the company behind the popular and professional network solutions, has announced EOL dates. EOL stands for End of Life and describes the end of life of products, the end of support by the manufacturer – or it indicates a discontinued product. From January 1, 2021, all available UniFi Video resources will focus on UniFi Protect to accelerate the development of UniFi Protect in terms of features, scalability, security and continuous efforts to create the best user experience for the video-related products the enterprise.

This means UniFi Video products will no longer be offered or supported after 2020. Means: No software or hardware revisions are published, not even for the web UI and mobile applications. Customer support will not be available. No more security updates. All cloud operations will be suspended and video.ui.com will no longer be accessible.

Users can expect two more UniFi video release cycles including beta versions (v3.10.13 and v3.10.14). These will address the most critical issues related to security updates. If users plan to continue using UniFi Video beyond its end of life, it is strongly recommended that systems be updated to these latest versions as they become available.

For users who want to switch to Unifi Protect, there will be a wizard with the next controller update that will migrate the cameras and some user settings. UniFi Protect currently supports the following camera models:

  • UVC, UVC Dome, UVC Pro
  • All G2 cameras
  • UVC-G3, UVC-G3 Flex, UVC-G3 Dome, UVC-G3 Micro, UVC-G3 Pro
  • UVC-G4 Bullet, UVC-G4 Pro

If you are affected, please take a look at this thread. Presumably, Ubiquiti wants to sell users a combination of hardware and software (Unifi Protect) rather than offering a free software NVR (Unifi Video) that could run through a third-party container. After all – you can continue to operate it yourself for the time being.

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