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Published by Marko Gschwendtner 29.11.2021 Category(ies): News, Usability

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The new WordPress update has been pushed back to 2022: The Project was so far behind schedule advised that key stakeholders raised concerns about whether the 2021 deadline could be met.

WordPress 5.9 should bring important features

Full site editing is a foundational feature that allows a publisher to edit every aspect of a website through the Gutenberg block interface.

Many key components for an easy-to-use block-based editor were far from ready for release. The block-based editor represents the future of WordPress, but without these vital components, WordPress development will stall. According to the timeline published by WordPress, the company faced two choices:

  • meet the deadline and a significantly reduced version publish from WordPress
  • Postpone the deadline and only the complete and planned version publish from WordPress 5.9

According to WordPress problems arose which proved insurmountable and caused the release of version 5.9 to be delayed:

“Near the end of the original alpha release cycle, issues arose that related to multiple major features planned for the 5.9 release, including:

Full Site Editing (FSE), which is a collection of features, such as global styles interface, navigation block, block themes, template editors, and site editing flows.

The Twenty Twenty-Two (TT2) theme, which depends on these FSE features.”

WordPress has the New feature rollout frozen, to focus resources on completing version 5.9.

In the same announcement is it[called:

“5.9 is still in feature freeze. Work from here on is strictly to address the changes that get the release to a stable state.”

WordPress pulls the emergency brake

The release is now after the holidays to bring out a full version. With this, the company has pulled the emergency brake to avoid serious problems, errors or security gaps:

“I think there are some large red flags here that some things are not ready for 5.9.

Especially re-creating the entire post list for templates / template parts at the last minute.

Don’t we want to give new flows ample testing in Gutenberg to ensure they are refined and the desired solution before including them in a core release?

We once thought the Nav Panel was a desired solution, imagine if we had shipped that to core WP just days after it had been developed. We would be regretting it now.

Overall, it seems like right now we are rushing things in a dangerous way.

We targeted 5.9 as the release for these items in core but too many things are just not ready, hence the rushing to change so many things at the last minute.

Wouldn’t it be better to miss the expected target date than to rush potentially regrettable decisions and brand new flows into core WP at the last minute?”

Source: Search Engine Journal

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