Elementor Free vs. Pro

Elementor Free vs. Pro: Is the Pro version worth it?

Elementor is one of the most popular page builders for WordPress – there are currently over a million (!) active installations. Of course, this figure applies to the free version.

And then Elementor also points to the Pro version at one point or another, maybe you’ve come across this before and are now asking yourself: Is Elementor Pro worth it? Or isn’t the free version enough?

This blog article is about how the situation is here and when you can stick with the free version or when you should invest in Elementor Pro.

First of all, I will give you an overview of what you get in the two variants of Elementor!

This is what the free version of Elementor offers

First of all: With the free version of Elementor you can really do a lot! It is by no means the case that Elementor Free is actually just a “teaser” for the Pro version and you can hardly do anything with it.

You get the full range of functions of the page builder, ie you can design all posts and pages of your WordPress website using drag & drop. There are also no limits in terms of the number of pages or similar!

In that case you can Create multi-column layouts and use tons of widgets to create your pages and posts.

You stand for this design 30 widgets to disposal. Of course, this includes the basics, such as headings, images and text.

But there are also a few elements that go beyond the basics and are really super practical, such as buttons, icons or testimonials, to name just a few.

You also have access to some Templates, i.e. templates for entire pages or just individual blocks (if you only need a template for the FAQ section, for example). You can also create your own templates, which is really handy and can save you a lot of time.

So you see: it’s really not like you can’t do anything with the free version of Elementor!

Nevertheless, the Pro version takes Elementor to a whole other level, and let’s take a look at how exactly it does that.

These are the additional features of Elementor Pro

Of course, Elementor Pro includes everything you get in the free version – so you use the same drag and drop page builder.

However, with Elementor Pro you can not only create the content areas of your website, but – thanks to the Theme Builder – really every single part of your website!

That would be the header and footer, for example, or the 404 page. But you can now create and customize pages that you would otherwise never have been able to edit with WordPress, but where you always had to stick to the design of your theme.

Curtain up for individually designed category pages and blog articles!

Here you can then also determine whether the templates should appear on your entire website or only partially, ie you can also use different headers for different areas, for example.

And yes, that’s as good as it sounds: It really makes you 100% flexible and, above all, independent of the theme you use.

The theme builder doesn’t stop there

For me, the Theme Builder alone is reason enough not to work without Elementor Pro anymore. Of course, this is not the only pro feature.

For example, there is also a popup builder that you can use – as the name suggests – to create popups for your website. And really all conceivable types, i.e. classic pop-ups, but also slide-ins or full-screen pop-ups, each with very specific triggers, so that the right readers see your pop-ups at the right time.

Incidentally, the whole thing is also completely unlimited, unlike what is often the case with external tools or plugins. For example, you are not restricted at all in terms of the number of views.

In addition to the popup builder, there is also a form builder, so you can use it to create forms. Yes, this includes contact forms – but much more!

Feel free to watch the video here, where I show you 4 ways to use the Form Builder to get a first impression:

Elementor Pro: More widgets, more templates

As mentioned, widgets and templates are also included in the free version of Elementor. With Elementor Pro there are a few more to come.

50 additional widgets are then available to you to design your website – these are the ones that make your website look even more professional!

Sliders, animated headings, price tables, flip boxes, countdowns… everything is possible. Here in the YouTube playlist you will find all my tutorials for the individual Elementor Pro widgets, so you can get started right away 🙂

Here is the complete overview of all additional widgets (the Pro Widgets for the Theme Builder and the WooCommerce Widgets are not visible here):

Thanks to some widgets, you can even do without additional WordPress plugins. You then no longer need contact forms, for example, because they are also included in Elementor Pro!

And the Pro version includes it too more templates, over 300 (!) to be exact. So that’s really a few more than in the free version. This also applies to the website kits with which you Import an entire website in minutes you can’t create a website faster.

Here you can find all the advantages of Elementor Pro in video form:

Elementor Free vs Pro: Which is Better Now?

So much for the overview. Now the only question left is: Elementor Pro – yes or no?

Important again: Even with the free version you can get really far. So if you are happy with the design options your theme offers you, Elementor Free can definitely be enough for you!

However, with Elementor Pro you can of course take your website to a completely different level with the additional widgets alone – without installing around 37 additional plugins, some of which may not harmonize well with each other and slow down your website.

And with the Theme Builder everything is possible anyway, which is great for you if you are willing to invest the time to customize your website!

So let’s summarize:

If you just want to create slightly more complex layouts for your posts and pages, e.g. with multiple columns, or you generally like to work with a visual page builder, then you will be more than satisfied with Elementor Free.

But if you really want 100% flexibility when designing your website, then Elementor Pro is the right choice for you. In addition, you then have all the elements you need for a professional website right away, without countless additional plugins.

Luckily, Elementor Pro costs very little, so you don’t have to go bankrupt right away.

Currently, a website license costs $49 for one year of updates and premium support. That’s $99 for 3 pages and $199 a year for 25 pages.

You can get Elementor Pro here!

If you are unsure, I can only recommend that you simply install Elementor and familiarize yourself with it a little. You can upgrade at any time without any problems, your existing work will of course also be completely preserved.

And if you choose Pro: One 30 Day Money Back Guarantee there’s always a doubt!

Conclusion: Elementor Free vs. Pro

Elementor is an incredibly popular page builder for WordPress – and rightly so: The plugin is fast, intuitive to use and comes with a lot of great features.

Here again Elementor Free vs. Pro briefly summarized:

  • Elementor Free: 30 widgets and some templates to design individual posts and pages using drag & drop
  • Elementor Pro: 50 additional widgets, over 300 templates and the ability to design each individual area of ​​your website – as if you were building your own theme, without any programming! Incl. WooCommerce integration for online shops.

I’m really a fan of the Pro version, I can’t do without it anymore. If you still have questions about the Elementor Free vs. Pro decision, feel free to post them in the comments! 🙂


Some links in the post are affiliate links. If you use it to buy Elementor Pro, I will receive a referral commission – the price will of course remain the same for you!


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