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I look forward to you all!

Hello and welcome to my free tutorial video series “Your own website with WordPress”. Today I present you my WordPress tutorials. You will find out why a WordPress blog is so well suited for private individuals and entrepreneurs, what makes WordPress so special and why it rocks the whole world! I’ll give you a preview of what you can learn for free in my WordPress tutorials. Videos make learning more fun! I’ll show and explain everything to you in a relaxed and precise manner, so that learning happens almost casually. Try it out and create your own website with WordPress – very easy! I’m Felix Patzelt from Call a Nerd and I start where others stop. I’m not only a programmer and specialist for the backend of websites, I can also explain very well and understandably. I prove this regularly in my work as a lecturer and also with my WordPress tutorials.

View demo: https://callanerd.help/demo

Please give me a Like and above all: Share my WordPress Tutorial with your friends if it helped you. I am also very happy about constructive questions. The following tutorials will focus on WordPress speed, security, etc. optimization. Subscribe to the Call a Nerd channel now and never miss a free WordPress tutorial again!

Search Engine Optimization short SEO for WordPress and WooCommerce


More parts from the free tutorial video series:

Your own website with WordPress. the intro


Domain, hosting and theme installation


FTP – File Transfer for Themes and Plugins with Filezilla


Enfold Theme Demos and Settings


Posts, Pages and SEO Optimization


Menu and sidebar & footer via widgets


The 10 most important WordPress plugins


The biggest WordPress problems and how to solve them


Easily create an online shop yourself with WooCommerce


If you get stuck with WordPress or WooCommerce problems or projects, the personal WordPress agency Call a Nerd from Cologne will be happy to help. The problem analysis and effort estimation is always free of charge. After that, the emergency aid costs €16.5 billed in 10-minute units.

More at www.callanerd.help

With us, the WordPress agency prices and the WordPress price list are completely transparent.

The problem analysis and cost estimate is always free of charge. After that, immediate help and training only costs €16.5 per 10 minutes (excl. VAT).

Our WordPress agency hourly rate for development is therefore €79 per hour (excl. VAT)

So the daily rate for 8 hours is €632

Who is Call a Nerd?

We are more than just any agency – we are your personal WordPress agency from Cologne, which scores with a wide range of services that not only includes commercial services for common WordPress agency prices. With the free and successful Call a Nerd YouTube learning video series “Your own website with WordPress” everyone can learn to build their own WordPress site, create a shop and master upcoming challenges. Of course, Call a Nerd is also there if you don’t know what to do or if you want to put the conception and creation of a website or a shop in the hands of professionals right from the start.

We work quickly, reliably and fairly. The scope of services of the agency with fair WordPress agency prices includes all essential areas:

Conception, programming and optimization

website design

shop creation


virus removal

speed improvement


Online marketing

Care and Maintenance

Behind it is a capable team of ambitious programmers, designers and marketing experts.

Contact details: Telephone: 0178 5584066

Email: info@callanerd.help

Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/callanerd.help/

Xing profile: https://www.xing.com/profile/Felix_Patzelt2

Good luck with WordPress!

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