Do special WordPress hosters make sense?  - Web Hosting Guide

Do special WordPress hosters make sense? – Web Hosting Guide

If you want to host a WordPress blog or a website based on WordPress, you have the choice between a normal hosting tariff and special WordPress hosts.

You can find out what the differences are and whether it is worth using a WordPress hoster below.

Do special WordPress hosters make sense?

Each CMS has its own requirements and requires certain prerequisites. In addition, the installation is not always easy for laypeople, even if many content management systems are now quite beginner-friendly.

For WordPress users there are now some special providers who have specialized in WordPress hosting.

In the following I will clarify whether this is necessary.

Special WordPress requirements

WordPress itself has a few hosting requirements, which I have already explained in an article.

These are important to keep WordPress running error-free, but they’re not particularly exceptional either.

As a result, almost every web hosting package these days meets these requirements.

Are normal hosts enough?

Therefore, in my experience, normal hosters are often completely sufficient for running a WordPress site.

For example, I run various WordPress blogs and websites at DomainFactory and All-Inkl. I use different tariffs.

If you want to be sure that WordPress runs really smoothly, you can choose a WordPress tariff from a normal hoster. Mittwald and Lennartz Hosting offer something like this, for example.

There you get some support and sometimes a pre-installed WordPress. But that is not absolutely necessary.

What do special WordPress hosters offer

In addition, special WordPress hosters have recently emerged that do nothing other than host WordPress sites.

But if the requirements are actually not that high, why should you use them? The answer is: It depends.

Providers such as or Raidboxes have taken up the cause of offering WordPress users an all-round carefree package.

Starting with the system requirements, backups, integrated CDN, security scans, updates and more are also offered. Layouts are often provided and you get professional support for WordPress-specific questions and problems.

Ideally, as a customer, you no longer have to worry about anything or at least much less technical things. But you still have the flexibility and can adapt WordPress to your own wishes.

However, this is often paid for with a slightly higher monthly price.


Special WordPress hosters are not really necessary, but they offer some advantages, especially for beginners. If you don’t want to deal with the technology and also want professional WordPress support from your hoster, you should take a closer look at the specialized WordPress hosters.

For everyone who has experience with WordPress and hosting, the offers of the normal hosters are probably the best and cheaper solution.


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