Digitization is more than IT

Digitization is more than IT

Almost every company is driving its digitization forward. But very few manage to really transform their business. The digital service provider Macaw explains what distinguishes a good digital strategy.

Digitization is changing society and the economy from the ground up – usual value chains are being replaced by software-supported, data-driven models. Many companies have adapted well to this, while others have some catching up to do. This not only affects topics such as the networking of machines, edge computing or IoT, but also internal processes and procedures.

Companies that want to successfully drive their digital transformation should focus on the following three areas: customer experience, employee empowerment and optimized IT operations.

1. The ultimate customer experience

The value of a good relationship with the customer cannot be overstated. So it’s no wonder that the customer experience, or CX for short, has become a popular buzzword for the marketing strategists of companies of all sizes and industries. CX is increasingly seen as essential to be successful in the market. At the same time, many companies underestimate what it takes to do this. Because customers are acting through more and more channels – from the website to apps and social media to the classic telephone. This leads to a complex customer journey: companies must offer a consistent experience across all channels and make the transition from one to the other as seamless as possible. In order to create the ultimate customer experience based on a 360-degree view, marketing, sales and the data intelligence team must work closely together. At the same time, such a data-driven approach requires maximum transparency: The implementation of a data governance process for the large number of personal data, some of which are enriched with artificial intelligence, is a necessary measure, for example.

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2. Employee Empowerment

Stakeholders that are extremely important from a company perspective are its own employees. Today’s digital workplace is different in many ways than it was five years ago. In the past, employees occasionally worked at home or in a co-working space. Business processes are now increasingly being built around the digital workspace of employees, leading to specific challenges in the areas of productivity, access and security. In order for employees to be able to work together flexibly and effectively at the same time, an ecosystem of solutions and tools is needed. It can make sense to develop individual personas, with the help of which the needs of different groups of employees can be determined and the systems adapted accordingly. Companies that take employee empowerment seriously automatically improve the motivation of their teams, which in turn leads to better results.

3. Efficient and agile IT

Of course, a modern IT infrastructure is still the basis for all data-driven business models and transformation initiatives. Outdated and slow systems neither contribute to an efficient and pleasant working environment, nor are they able to complete tasks at the necessary speed. At the same time, successful virtual collaboration requires the right tools. When it comes to meetings, for example, collaboration tools are very valuable. They enable everyone involved to write, structure thoughts and visualize the results in one “place”. Merging the collected customer data, evaluating the customer journey or communicating using chat and voice bots also require powerful and agile IT.


“Digital transformation determines the survival of companies, so they have a hard time escaping it. If they’re not using the latest technology, their competitors are. Then it is up to customers and employees to decide between a company that is modern and one that is stuck in old and slow processes,” explains Jack Klaassen, Director Innovations & Technology at Macaw.


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