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Permanently delete your site

Permanently deleting a website permanently removes it. You can use them and their address (such as then never use it again.

If you don’t want that, you can try one of the alternative options listed later in this document instead.

If you’re sure you want to permanently delete your site, we’ll show you how to do it here.

If you have upgrades on this site, they must be removed before the site can be deleted. For more information, see Deleting an upgraded site.

Step 1 – Go to your site’s settings page. To do this, click on My website(s) → Settings.

step 2 – Scroll all the way down and choose Permanently delete your site. Please note that deleting websites is permanent!

step 3 – On the next screen you will first be given the option to export your content. As soon as you delete your website, this content is also irretrievably deleted. We therefore recommend that you export your content as a .zip file before proceeding with the next steps. Use the button for this export content.

Image of the

step 4 – Once you’ve exported your content, scroll down to the button delete site. If you have multiple websites in your account, check that the correct website address is listed in the hint bar.

Image of Delete Website button

step 5 – Confirm the deletion. Enter the website address (shown in red) in the space provided, then click the button Delete this site.

This is the last step. If you Delete this site clicking, your site will be permanently deleted.

Screenshot from 09/08/2015 at 17:52:47

Now when someone tries to visit your site, he or she will see a message that your site is no longer available and has been deleted by the authors.

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Delete a site with upgrades

You may see the following message during the deletion process:

This means your site has paid upgrades. Before you can delete your site, you must remove these upgrades. This way you don’t lose access to your paid upgrades.

Click the button manage purchasesto go to the Purchases page. Once on the page, use the links provided to cancel your upgrades. Alternatively, you can contact our support staff who can help you transfer your upgrades to another site on your account.

If you are unable to cancel your upgrades, please contact support.

Once your upgrades have been removed from the website, click My site(s)ideas and start again.

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Alternate options

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Undelete a site

Deleting a website can be undone within 30 days of deletion. If you find that you’ve accidentally deleted your site, you should contact us immediately. We can help you recover your site in this 30 day window. Once the 30 days have passed, all your website data will be completely erased and cannot be recovered. Your website address will be deleted and cannot be reused.

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account closure

If you’d like to close your account entirely, see Closing My Account for more information.

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