DDoS attack on WordPress.com – the largest in the company’s history

At the end of last week, WordPress.com reported a DDoS attack via Twitter: WordPress blog operators had problems logging into the backend for hours, and other sites were not even accessible. Founder Matt Mullenweg initially suspected TechCrunch of a politically motivated attack on one of the non-English language blogs, but later changed his mind.

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TechCrunch cites the message that WordPress sent to its VIP customers – which TechCrunch itself also belongs to (there is a screenshot at twitpic): Several gigabits per second and millions of packets were fired at WordPress servers during the attack, according to Mullenweg the biggest attack in the company’s six-year history. All three data centers were affected. The founder did not elaborate on what was based on the assumption that the attack was politically motivated. However, concrete evidence could apparently not be found, because today WordPress rowed back to PCWorld. However, the web developer couldn’t get more than “The attacks came from China”.

What the actual reason for the willful server overload was should be difficult to grasp. Attackers like to use botnets for their purposes. PC users who have caught a Trojan can also become unsuspecting helpers of such a package slingshot. In any case, normality has now returned to WordPress operations, as the green arrows at Automattic show.

(Saskia Brintrup)



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