data2day 2022: Workshops on MLOps and data product development

data2day 2022: Workshops on MLOps and data product development

Anyone who wants to find out and exchange information about the most important topics and trends from big data, data science and machine learning to data-driven product development and corporate management can do so at the ninth edition of data2day from September 20th to 21st, 2022 in the IHK house of the economy in Karlsruhe. After two years of purely online events, the data science conference returns to the location of its premiere in 2014.

The lecture program is aimed equally at data scientists, data engineers, AI specialists and DevOps managers as well as software developers and architects. In addition to specific instructions on the way to becoming a data-driven company, experienced speakers will also report on the findings from the practical implementation of data science and machine learning projects.

On the preceding workshop day, three full-day interactive tutorials offer the opportunity to go into more detail on central data2day topics. In their workshop “MLOps with Python” on September 19, Oliverzeigermann and Tobias Kurzydym will explain how machine learning models can be transferred to productive operation and then operated successfully. Using an exemplary ML project, they will introduce participants to the most important tools and methods for a complete MLOps workflow.

If you would like to deal more intensively with the planning and calculation of ML projects in advance, Larysa Visengeriyeva offers a comprehensive comparison in her workshop “Back-of-the-Envelope Calculation for Machine Learning Projects – Thinking through ML projects quickly and in a structured way”. different approaches to project design. She compares and evaluates three different canvas types that are suitable for prototyping: Machine Learning Canvas, Data Landscape Canvas and MLOps Stack Canvas.

Under the motto “Hands On: Live Data Product Development with Apache Kafka and Open Source Software”, participants can work live on their own computers together with Dr. Alexander Albrecht and Dr. Christoph Böhm understand the development of a data product with Apache Kafka and other open source tools. Based on a proven OSS stack, the two speakers will go through the construction of a live data product step by step, from the integration of the data streams to the configuration of the data pipelines to the finished Kafka streams application.

Selected lecture topics on the conference days:

  • Data Mesh: What does a domain-oriented data architecture bring in practice?
  • Data-as-a-Product: Develop and implement data products
  • Mastering DS and ML projects: From proof-of-concept to productive operation
  • Big NLP Models: Transfer Learning vs. Few-Shot Learning

Interested parties have until August 8th to secure a conference ticket for the early bird price of 830 euros (all prices plus 19% VAT). The regular ticket then costs 980 euros. In combination with a workshop, you can save 150 euros: With an early bird discount, the combination ticket costs 1280 euros, later 1450 euros. Workshops can also be booked individually at a price of 495 euros. Students, schoolchildren and groups can obtain discounted tickets on request.

Anyone who would like to be kept informed about the further progress of the conference can register for the newsletter or follow the organizers on Twitter.


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