CX and the CIO of tomorrow

CX and the CIO of tomorrow

The secret components for IT success: We decode how transformation effects through customer experience will influence your IT strategy in the future.

What are the CX business priorities today? What technologies are you investing in? And how important is a CX strategy for the future? CIOs and their IT teams are currently moving in a highly dynamic environment that also requires a fundamental change within the IT department – and this does not only mean the transformational effects of cloud adoption. The consequences can be seen in the area of ​​customer experience, i.e. when companies systematically place customers at the center of their processes. CIOs can use these developments for themselves – and make CX their secret weapon of the future.

CIOs and CX: what is the status quo?

Organizations today no longer work in a constant environment. There is great pressure from all sides to adapt to dynamic technologies and fast-moving markets. Especially when it comes to better meeting customer expectations and optimizing customer experiences. This is also shown by the current, global Customer Experience Benchmark Report 2021 from NTT DATA. What are the priorities for companies here? In the report, a majority of organizations surveyed said their short-term focus is on empowering their employees, engaging their customers, and ensuring they have the right data to measure the impact of their decisions. The introduction of new technologies, the development of corresponding architectures and holistic system integrations will, perhaps naively, be postponed for the time being – but they will be the key to realizing the short-term goals. The disruptors in an international comparison already give these areas a higher priority – on average they are 22.7% further than other companies in using new technologies to improve CX.

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CX budgets and resources have increased

60% of companies say in the report that ongoing digital transformation will require an increase in overall CX budgets over the next two years (46.3% say the same for 2020). The Report’s Top Area for Increased CX Investments Over the Last 12 Months? IT. The market penetration of technological megatrends such as cloud, digitization and automation went hand in hand with the accelerated adoption of these technologies during the pandemic. Now enterprise IT is merging these technologies to enable a flexible, data-rich, and digitally-driven operating model. The focus is on establishing a better customer journey in the form of, for example, greater personalization of information and offers.

Accelerating Agility: The Cloud and CX

What components and foundations should this strategy have? In the area of ​​customer experience, cloud-based solutions are the standard today. And for good reasons. With SAP CX, the barriers to entry are low because the solutions offer immediate access to a broad ecosystem of functions and applications – including AI, machine learning, digital contact channels, quality monitoring and employee engagement. They can be deployed quickly and at scale, with a significantly lower investment than on-premises and hosted solutions, and without the risk of downtime.

The cloud also offers companies better access to data and analytics than traditional solutions. However, companies are at different levels of sophistication when it comes to using this data for broader CX strategies. Many organizations are also not using the capabilities and benefits of the cloud effectively. But not following the move-to-cloud also means being left behind in the long run. In order to establish the cloud and a corresponding architecture that serves as the technological basis for a better customer experience, IT departments and CIOs will have to position themselves accordingly in the future.

CIOs and IT teams: This is important tomorrow

The transformation to cloud architecture poses challenges for many IT departments. But one thing is also certain: the business case for the cloud is becoming ever simpler. CIOs who adapt to the following five effects will be successful on their way.

  1. The cloud requires new skills in IT teams
  2. The cloud requires new concepts for operation, projects and license models
  3. The cloud increases the demands on IT in terms of business success
  4. The cloud creates new value chains
  5. The cloud fuels the trend towards the one-vendor approach

Conclusion: CIOs will shape strategic success

Again in numbers. According to the CX Benchmarking Report, CX is considered the most important indicator of a company’s strategic performance. Supporting this view is the increase in board-level accountability for CX, which has more than doubled over the past year. However: 58.8% of companies agree (25.7% strongly agree) that CX is the weak link in their product/solution portfolio; only 45.0 are fully satisfied with their CX skills. Increasing this value will also be a central task of the CIOs. With the right strategy and appropriate cloud technology, you will lay the foundation for the future success of your company.

More on the topic: This year’s virtual expert forum IT Excellence revolves around IT digital strategies with CX. The Sybit GmbH event is the central event format in the area of ​​customer experience for IT managers in the DACH region.

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