Customize, extend, reprogram WordPress plugin ✅

Excessively extensive plugins with many functions and many setting options have the disadvantage that they slow down a website. When optimizing WP plugins, unnecessary functions and options that are not needed for the website in question can be removed.

It is often the case, for example, that various PHP, CSS and JavaScript files are integrated that enable a feature that is not desired on the website in question. If you remove such components, the extension and thus the entire WordPress installation is cleaned up, the loading times are improved because less code (PHP, JS, CSS) has to be loaded. This in turn helps the website visitor and the search engine.

Plugins are not always carefully programmed, which means that they damage the performance of the entire website. If, for example, scripts are integrated everywhere but are only required on a few pages or only in the admin area. Or images that are too large are integrated – this can all be remedied by a professional.