Create WordPress website

Choosing the right hoster is not easy due to the sheer number of hosting providers. WordPress recommends the following system requirements that the host should meet:

  • PHP 7.3 or higher
  • MySQL 5.6 or later OR MariaDB 10.1 or later
  • Nginx or Apache with “mod_rewrite module”
  • HTTPS support
  • SSD storage (not required by WordPress, but I would highly recommend it)

The best way to find out whether the hoster is suitable is to contact support directly and ask whether the requirements are met. WordPress also recommends some hosters. However, since these recommendations are from American providers, there may be problems with data protection thanks to the GDPR (since I have always relied on German hosters myself, I cannot say exactly to what extent these hosters are in line with the GDPR stand.

From my own experience using WordPress (for 5 years now), I can recommend the following four German hosting providers:

  • All-inclusive: I would describe it as a very solid hoster for beginners. You can purchase hosting packages including a domain here for a low price of around €5.
  • AIXPRO: I originally used this hoster to host a Shopware online shop with a connected WordPress blog. However, AIXPRO now offers WordPress SSD hosting with LiteSpeed ​​web servers. This can improve the performance of your own website (but maybe that’s more for the techies among us).
  • Raidboxes (we currently use them for our website): offers advanced caching and security features. This makes the website faster and more secure. Both are important prerequisites for the professional operation of a WordPress website.
  • HostPress: Advanced caching and security features are also offered here. For caching you get the plugin WP-Rocket in the hosting package.

The support offered me fast and reliable help from all four providers.

Even if the prices of the last three mentioned are not very cheap, I would still recommend that you take the loading times into account when choosing the hoster. Because especially in times when the use of smartphones is increasing and Google values ​​loading times as a ranking factor, fast-loading websites are essential for professional use.