Create WordPress theme according to your own wishes

Here is a step-by-step guide to creating and customizing Themegrill’s Esteem free WordPress theme in minutes. We use this layout ourselves for our own site and can therefore recommend it from our own experience. The following description is intended as support, especially for the participants of our WordPress training, in order to continue to accompany the creation of their professional homepage. With the following methodology you can set up your professional start page according to your wishes in 15 minutes. Have lots of fun with it!

Why do we recommend this WordPress theme?

There are hundreds of WordPress themes in the WordPress database and thousands on WordPress theme marketplaces, so finding a suitable theme can be a time-consuming and nerve-wracking task. The core requirements for a WordPress theme are easy to define. A good WordPress theme should definitely be for Mobile optimized be (responsive design), it should Reliable work and regularly updated by the providerbecome T. The Esteem theme from Themegrill offers all of this. In addition, this free WordPress theme still following beautiful and practical functions: Slider with call to action, three different blog layouts, business widgets, page layouts with optional left or right sidebar, special start page template, logo and page title, background image and a wide range of colors.

Customize WordPress theme

We took the following description of how to set up the WordPress Theme Esteem from the original English documentation. If you prefer to read them directly, please find them here:

1. Install the WordPress theme Esteem by Themegrill. To do this, click the following path: Dashboard, Design, Themes, Add, search for Themegrill, select Esteem Installation and finally activate this WordPress theme.

Create WordPress themes

Image: WordPress theme Esteem sidebar

2. Create at least 4 pages (You can read how to create pages in our WordPress tutorial).

Using a real estate agency website as an example, you might as main page For example, select “Real Estate Agent Hamburg”. To use this page as your home page, please select below in the right sidebar template => Business template.

Next you can then as subpages For example, create the pages “Sell a house in Hamburg”, “Sell an apartment in Hamburg” and “Rent an apartment in Hamburg”. To do this, go to Pages, Create and select under in the right sidebar parents the superordinate page (in our example “Real Estate Agent Hamburg”). In addition, please select for each subpage in the sidebar under Icon Class Icon for your subpage out of.

3. Set start page: go to settings, Read and select one as “Home page shows”. static page. In our example, you would choose Immobilienmakler Hamburg.

4. Design start page with widgets: Click Theme, Widgets, Business page sidebar and add that TG Services widget added. Select three of your subpages here. View your site live. You should now see three pages of icons on the home page. Go back to the widget area to add more content to the home page from the business page sidebar.

5. Set up slider and logo: To do this, click on Design, Theme options and then go through step by step the 4 options that this WordPress theme offers you.

Complete. If you, as a participant in our WordPress training, have further questions about setting up this theme, please send us an email with your questions. In any case, good luck with your online presence.