Create WordPress site – [Video] 15 minute tutorial for beginners

Even as an inexperienced beginner you can create a WordPress website. This guide will guide you to your goal in six easy steps.

Parallel to the video tutorial, open the checklist with all the steps and the necessary links for WordPress hosting. It will take you a good hour to complete all the steps in the 15 minute guide. You will learn the following:

  • Select and book WordPress hosting
  • secure domain
  • Run WordPress installation
  • Install and change themes
  • Basic settings and initial content
  • Create imprint + data protection
  • Create blog post
  • Link subpages in the menu
  • Connect domain to website

Free advanced course for your WordPress website

After you have created your first WordPress website, there is still a lot to do. Additional pages must be created in order to then integrate them clearly on the start page. You should also use a tool like Google Analytics for your visitor statistics. This in turn requires the use of a cookie banner and the extension of your data protection regulations. You will learn this and much more in my free advanced course. Simply enter your email address at the end of the checklist and we’ll see you again shortly to bring your WordPress homepage to the top of Google.