Create WordPress Plugin – This is how the development works

Once you have decided on your own WordPress plugin, the question arises as to whether you should develop it yourself or have an external developer do the work. If you already have knowledge of PHP, it will be easier to get started with WordPress plugin development. However, it also applies to factor time to consider: is developing keeping you from other tasks? Then it can make sense to consult an experienced programmer. This completes the tasks in less time than someone who first has to learn the ropes.

Of course there are costs when you have a WordPress plugin written. However, if you consider the time savings and the added value that a stable plugin brings, the financial expense quickly pays off. System-critical plugins in particular can cause a lot of damage if they are poorly programmed. In our experience, most companies are therefore well advised to Development in cooperation with an experienced programmer carry out. Requirements are clearly defined in advance and e.g. B. documented in the form of a specification. On this basis, a web developer then develops the plugin with the desired functions in close cooperation with the customer.

After completion of the development, the plugin including documentation will be handed over to the customer and then used in live operation. Should bugs appear, companies always have a contact person who is familiar with the software. If you need a WordPress plugin for your website, please call us on 0212 / 250 852 50 or use the contact form below.