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Create temporary login in WordPress

There are some situations where you need to provide an “outsider” with temporary access to a WordPress website. For working as a WordPress service provider, it is usually essential that your customers set up an admin access account for the website. Also vice versa, i.e. for website developers, a temporary account for a new website is useful in some situations to give customers a preview.

In general, you can set up an account “manually” for both situations, but there is also a plugin that you can use for this and that also allows other settings that can be useful.

The Temporary Login Without Password plugin offers the option of setting up temporary access. At the same time, in addition to defining the role and the expiry date with the login, you can also set up a redirect and even the language of the backend.

Create a new temporary login

After you have made all the settings, the plugin generates a link for the login, which is then sent by email. The recipient can then log in without a password.

As the creator of this temporary login, you can then see an overview of how often and when the login was last used. You can also delete or disable access. It is also possible to send the login link again.

Small statistics about limit login users

In addition to the simple login link, the plugin offers a number of other advantages:

  • No separate password is required.
  • Access can be limited in time.
  • The login can be forwarded to any page.
  • Access through the generated link is “monitored”.

Due to the advantages mentioned, the plugin is suitable for setting up short-term access. The only downside, for convenience you have to install a plugin. 😉

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