Create static websites using HTML and CSS

Create static websites using HTML and CSS

Table of Contents

  1. Create static websites using HTML and CSS

    • What is HTML and what isn’t?

  2. The anatomy of an HTML element

  3. What is CSS and what is it good for?

  4. The box model and how to use it

  5. Customize the typeface with CSS

  6. Drop shadows with CSS and other tricks

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Websites based on static HTML and CSS are not a private hobby of nerdy web designers and web developers, but also find positive resonance among large parts of the clientele. And there are several reasons for this: They place much lower demands on the web servers. The PHP module and a database are not required. This relieves the respective web server and it can deliver the pages much faster – which Google also appreciates in its ranking. Finally, static websites also have a greener footprint than dynamic websites served by a “classic” CMS. JavaScript, PHP, MySQL & Co. are also used on dynamic websites, which significantly increases the surface area for hackers to attack.

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On the other hand, both HTML and CSS have been continually enhanced, making both languages ​​significantly more powerful than they were 10 or 15 years ago. Now more than ever, you can create beautiful and visually appealing websites using only HTML and CSS. You also no longer have to deal with nested table layouts to implement a complex layout. Many functions and effects that used to only be possible using Photoshop or Javascript are now an integral part of HTML or CSS.

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More from Mac & i

In HyperTexternal Markup Language is already the purpose of the language. Hypertext stands for the non-linear linking of documents through links (also called hyperlinks). Markup means a text markup with special keywords (tags) to mark headings, paragraphs, lists, tables or to emphasize important terms (bold). With HTML, you assign a meaning to the respective sections, also called semantics.

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