In 3 Schritten zum Gratis Blog

Create a free blog with in 3 steps

You can blog about anything and everything. But before you get started, you need decent blogging software or a CMS (content management system) that allows you to fully concentrate on blogging. WordPress offers the best conditions here, is quickly installed and, thanks to countless free and premium themes, transforms simple blogs into fantastic websites.

Create a free blog with WordPress: this is how it works

Although there are numerous WordPress alternatives for bloggers and other website operators with construction kits such as, Jimdo and Co, WordPress is initially completely free. In addition, the world’s most popular CMS offers far more customization options. Even if you don’t use them at the beginning of your blogging career, they might help you at a later point in time.

Step 1: Login to

Before you start, you have to decide whether you want to host the blog directly with WordPress ( or download the CMS and install it with another provider ( WordPress is only completely free if you create the site directly at and use a subdomain such as “”.

> Read the difference between & here.

As soon as you want your own domain or need additional features, you have to choose a paid plan at

> Click here to register for free at!

After you have deposited all your data in the registration process, you still have to confirm your free WordPress blog. Simply click on send and check your e-mail inbox. WordPress will send you an email with an activation link that you simply have to click on.

Step 2: Set up a free WordPress blog

After activating your free WordPress blog, you will immediately be taken to the setup wizard. Here you can set a blog title and a tagline (subtitle) and set the preferred language. On the next page of the setup wizard, you can choose a WordPress theme. Here you have the choice between free and paid options.

If you have decided on a (free) theme, you can customize it. For example, set a banner image or change the colors of your free WordPress blog. In addition, any social media accounts can now be linked to your blog.

Step 3: Publish the first post

You can then publish your first blog post on the last page of the setup wizard. Of course, you can change all the settings you made in the setup wizard later. Simply navigate to Personalize → Customize in the left sidebar; there you get to the Customizer.

The same sidebar also gives you access to the menu items where you can install plugins and manage your blog posts and pages.

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