Containerization: Register now for mastering Kubernetes

Containerization: Register now for mastering Kubernetes

Anyone who hasn’t noticed it yet and would like to get up to date on the topic of Kubernetes should also consider the online conference Mastering Kubernetes organized by heise Academy at short notice. This will take place next Tuesday, i.e. on July 19th. The third edition of the all-day conference on the container orchestration system Kubernetes is aimed at software developers, IT admins, cloud engineers and dev(sec)ops. It took place in 2020 and 2021 and repeatedly deals with the then most important topics from the Kubernetes ecosystem.

The final six practical lectures of Mastering Kubernetes deal with the following important topics on Kubernetes and its ecosystem:

  • What are the basic requirements for developing and running Kubernetes-based applications?
  • Kubernetes-native infrastructure as code: automation, operators, etc.
  • Observability with Prometheus, Grafana & Co.
  • Helm under control: Writing, testing and distributing good charts for applications
  • Hijack a Kubernetes Cluster: How to Detect and Avoid Attacks
  • From GitOps to Continuous Security Monitoring: Deploying a Management Cluster for Secure Environments

The Kubernetes (K8s) developed by Google has become an important pillar of contemporary IT environments. As a system for container orchestration, it is a great help to a number of microservices or cloud applications. Nevertheless, the use of Kubernetes is a challenge for many companies.

Mastering Kubernetes therefore goes into the diverse aspects of K8s and gives practical tips for use, so that participants have everything they need to use Kubernetes and other tools in a targeted manner or better in their own projects.

You can listen to the lectures of renowned experts from your own desk, because the event will be broadcast as an online conference via live stream. Nevertheless, the participants do not have to do without interaction options: Questions can be asked during the lecture via chat, the speakers are also available after the lecture for direct questions in a GDPR-compliant zoom.

The all-day event costs 229 euros (incl. VAT). If you want to participate in a team, you can get a special offer. The lectures at the conference will be recorded and can also be viewed afterwards, the same applies to the conference materials.

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