Container management: Kubernetes won’t save you

In her lecture on Cloud Native Day as part of the Conferences Continuous Lifecycle and ContainerConf 2021, Lian Li first put forward a provocative thesis: Kubernetes won’t save you. Then she goes on the trail of the challenges of the popular infrastructure software. As a mature technology for simple container management, Kubernetes offers many advantages. Thanks to the managed clusters, for example, which can be rented from almost any cloud provider, Kubernetes gives organizations the opportunity to free themselves from the hassle of managing their own infrastructure.

However, this alone by no means makes Kubernetes a one-size-fits-all solution that is suitable for all purposes and organizations. Especially in larger companies, systemic and / or more pressing problems can arise when it comes to implementing significant changes such as moving to the cloud. As a consultant, Lian has all too often seen chaos and frustration in practice when the management’s vision does not match what the teams are capable of in reality. Most of the time it is not about technological, but cultural problems.

However, if you get involved in a suitable way of thinking and ask the right questions, you will likely find exactly the instrument in Kubernetes that promises salvation, is Lian’s conclusion.

Lian Li: Kubernetes won’t save you

always wanted to save the world. After a failed attempt to become a lawyer, she decided to do something with computers instead. Working as a full stack software engineer, she came to participate in technical conferences and give lectures on machine learning with JavaScript all over the world. She fell in love with the tech community. Lian currently lives in Amsterdam and works as an engineering manager at Container Solutions, a consultancy specializing in programmable infrastructure. She is one of the organizers of the ServerlessDays Amsterdam community conference.

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