Wordpress Social Media Feed Plugin, Juicer

Connect social media to website

For many companies, most interactions take place on their own social media channels. Here, your own target group comments on interesting posts and is also happy to give their feedback on the company’s own products and services. So why not combine both? With a “WordPress Social Media Feed Plugin” like Juicer, you can easily show what’s happening in your feeds on your website.

show what happens. And above all: how and what people are talking about their own brand. This is easy to do with a social feed on your own website.

Juicer is a plugin that allows you to easily integrate and organize your social media stream on your WordPress website. Whether you add one or more social media accounts or certain hashtags (e.g. your company name) is up to you.

With a shortcode, you integrate your own attractive social wall that lets your selected posts appear on your website.

The service automatically pulls and updates posts from your selected feeds whenever you create posts on your social media channels.

This is what the social feed plugin Juicer offers you

After signing up with a Juicer account, you can create your personal social stream through WordPress.

You can use the following networks and services: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube Tumblr, Pinterest, Tumblr, Vine, RSS, Spotify, Slack, LinkedIn, Flickr, Vimeo, Hashtags, Yelp and DeviantArt.

Once you’ve downloaded the plugin, you can collect your content by @username or #hashtag and embed it on your WordPress site. You can also use rules and filters to automatically remove unwanted content retweets and duplicate posts.

The following options and features are also available to you:

  • You can centrally moderate your channels and comment on posts, directly from your website via Juicer. You can also set up filters for automatic moderation.
  • You can also customize the design: With a responsive grid, dynamic layouts can be created, which you can also make appear infinite if you wish. Constant scrolling loads more and more of your social media feed. Alternatively, users can just scroll to the bottom of the feed.
  • You can also customize the visual design of the WordPress Social Stream using CSS. You can even integrate your logo. This is how you pick up the corporate design of your brand or website and transfer it to your feed.
  • In order to be SEO-optimized, you have the option of creating permalinks to each of your social media posts.
  • You can also use advanced analytics to track your users and identify who is using your social feed and how they are interacting with it.


With Juicer you have a WordPress plugin at hand that filters out the essence, the juice of your “social media juice” and organizes it in a simple and customizable social feed. There are no limits to your creativity and your ideas.

You can create feeds specifically for your products or for references. Or a wall that contributes to the employer branding of your company.

You can download the Juicer WordPress Social Media Feed Plugin for social feeds for free and create a simple shortcode for your social media channels via the Juicer Aggregator. Try it!

Download Juicer now!

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