Communication Tips for Blockchain Companies -

Communication Tips for Blockchain Companies –

Blockchain – a technology that will turn all of our lives upside down, is emancipating itself from being a buzzword to becoming the ubiquitous standard. Whether in the fintech sector, healthcare or insurance management – more and more industries are becoming aware of the many potential areas of application for blockchain. Nevertheless, many providers of blockchain-based solutions are often still relatively unknown outside of their bubble.

Blockchain PR expert Paul Gärtner at PIABO knows how to break out of the crypto bubble and has already helped numerous companies to gain more visibility and expand their reach. How exactly this works is explained in this article.

How does communication work for blockchain companies

Blockchain technology is increasingly establishing itself in solutions and industries in which it generates real added value. Because in day-to-day business, the technology offers exceptional opportunities for automation, simplification and increased reliability. This results in strong savings potential for companies, especially in the areas of accounting, invoice entry, auditing and documentation.

These opportunities offered by blockchain technology will impact numerous industries. In particular, branches of the economy with many intermediaries could soon face restructuring. Because the technology there offers the possibility of carrying out transactions without central instances and, above all, in a forgery-proof manner. Accordingly, any form of trade that is carried out today through intermediaries can be transferred to a blockchain.

Blockchain technology is already being used in accounting, identity management and finance, for example. Nevertheless, the wide range of possible applications and the associated opportunities are hardly noticed outside of the tech bubble. Consequently, it is necessary for blockchain companies to break out of this bubble. However, the challenge for many blockchain-based solution providers is to convey the added value of the blockchain to the target group and to position themselves on the market. Especially if other and established technologies are already being used, trust-building measures and educational work on the various functions by the blockchain companies are necessary. The right communication creates trust and at the same time builds reach.

8 tips for blockchain PR

    1. Factual and relevant communication

First of all, it is necessary to avoid buzzwords and incomprehensible technical vocabulary as far as possible. Because the other person is often less interested in the technical details of the technology. It is far more important to refer to the added value of the solution and explain it clearly and concisely. It is essential to set yourself apart from the black sheep in the industry. Precise market analyzes can identify negative reports from the competition. This helps, firstly, not to make the same mistakes and, secondly, to generate your own positive reporting.

    1. keep an eye on current events

It is important to regularly keep an eye on relevant media for your own department. In addition, current events in other sectors should also be observed, since new starting points for one’s own communication can always arise here.

    1. Stand out from others

Basically, it is important to focus on your own strengths and to actively communicate them. Concentrating on your own unique selling points always makes sense here.

    1. Understandable communication

Does my counterpart understand what I am talking about? This question should always be answered with a clear YES! get answered. Specialist vocabulary only makes sense when I’m communicating with professionals from the industry.

    1. Include areas of interest of media professionals

Always include the respective interests of journalists, influencers, bloggers and the community in your own communication. On the one hand, this emphasizes other aspects of the company and generates a reach in the context of the corresponding medium.

    1. Increase visibility at events

In addition, it is crucial that companies take the opportunity to give lectures at (digital) conferences and events and even organize their own formats to attract the attention of media professionals and other stakeholders.

    1. Use your own communication channels

In addition to regular lectures, content marketing, for example on your own channels or target group-specific social networks, should also be integrated into the communication strategy. By regularly publishing content or short statements on industry topics, entrepreneurs can establish themselves as thought leaders and consolidate this status in the long term.

    1. Make the people behind the technology visible

Last but not least, companies should establish strong personal brands to create trust. Insights behind the scenes of the company create closeness between the stakeholders and the company players. Because people identify better with people because they are perceived as more approachable than in rigid corporate structures.


Blockchain technology is a complex construct. The first task of PR is to reduce this complexity by communicating openly, transparently and comprehensibly. It is helpful here to carry out educational work with relevant and simple content in order to generate trust in the technology and in one’s own company. Communicating informative, up-to-date and meaningful content and establishing yourself as a thought leader strengthens branding and brand loyalty outside of the crypto bubble and helps you stand out from the competition.

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