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Maybe I don’t quite understand your question yet: You decide yourself how many columns you want to use?

Is the limit of 4 columns per line perhaps due to additional CSS?

No, that’s how it is created in the column block. At most, you could create CSS rules that fix the column width and hide a 5th and 6th column.

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Thank you for your prompt reply!
I’ll try to explain it a little more clearly:
It is about a page with events, where one tile / picture is displayed for each event. I pull this event list automatically from the Events Made Easy plugin, ie in this case I don’t specify the number of columns, as this depends on the number of events. However, the list is structured according to the wp_block_columns principle. There are a maximum of 6 columns, ie 6 events in one line for me. However, if the screen is smaller, the format changes, for example on the mobile phone, so that only one column / tile over the entire width -> so that the picture is not too small!

And since the date of the event is always on the tiles / pictures per column, it is important that these tiles do not become too small. Which is automatically the case with 6 columns. Now I’m just wondering where I can make the setting so that a maximum of 4 columns are displayed in one line.

Do you have any ideas? 🙂 Thank you!

Hi there,
this can basically be set accordingly with a corresponding media query (CSS). Such as B .:

  • up to 768px: 1 column
  • from 769px to 991px: 3 columns
  • over 992px: 6 columns

As I said: these are only examples.
If you then enter the URL above, then we can also look at it and surely help you better.
Many greetings

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