CIAM and how the customer journey benefits from it

CIAM and how the customer journey benefits from it

It is becoming increasingly important for every company to optimally accompany and care for customers along the customer journey. Identity and Access Management (CIAM) can help here, with which buyers can be tied more closely to the company and better supplied.

What is CIAM?

Right at the beginning, the question arises as to what Identity and Access Management actually is. It is a combination of different functions and solutions. Among other things, customer registrations, account management, consent and preference management, but also authentication and the login process are combined in this system.

A good CIAM brings together all of the buyer’s important information and ensures a seamless customer experience across different platforms and end devices. Due to the very good performance across all channels and the easy scalability, companies can continue to offer their consumers a uniform and high-quality shopping experience even with extreme growth.

The advantage of automated user management

A central element in identity and access management is the automated user administration and the outsourcing of many administration options directly to the customer. In this way, barriers are removed for the user so that he can do many tasks in the administration of his own account himself. This makes the entire systems enormously scalable, which is particularly valuable for the growth of companies.

For the consumer, on the other hand, data protection is important, which can be secured by very high security standards. For example, through multi-level authentication. In addition, information is available via many different channels, which is stored in uniform customer profiles. This uniformity also offers the advantage that many tasks can be automated. Among other things, this relieves the marketing departments and ensures that customers can be addressed in a more targeted manner.

Sales growth opportunities through CIAM

Identity and access management not only ensures better protection of data and thus more trust among consumers, but also offers economic advantages. On the one hand, the data from different channels is collected and managed in one central location, the customer profile. This also means that you, as a company, have access to data for all relevant applications, so that the customer profile is always optimally and promptly updated.

The customer experience, which is consistent for the buyer across all channels and platforms, not only increases satisfaction, but also increases loyalty to the company. In addition, the lower barriers, for example due to the omission of further security queries, increase customer satisfaction. This increases their confidence in the company and its opportunities.

Offer personalization through more detailed customer identities

Another advantage lies in the very high information density in identity and access management. After all, customers access a company’s offerings across many devices and channels. Thus, a large number of touchpoints are produced along the customer journey, which the company can use to address the consumer in a targeted and effective manner. In addition, an enormous amount of data is generated, which can be evaluated and used. This data can be easily linked via a uniform identity.

This is important data not only to get to know the customers better, but also to personalize and individualize the marketing even more. This not only ensures that the company becomes more attractive in the eyes of the buyer, but also significantly increases the chances of selling.

The better the offers are tailored to the customer, the more companies can expect them to respond to the offers. So when IT and marketing work hand in hand and identity and access management works, this increases both the reach and the profitability of the company in the long run.

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